Pursuant to the Act on Smart City Creation and Industry Promotion, etc., the following is announced to select support targets for the “Smart City National pilot smart city innovation service model verification and diffusion project.” Companies wishing to participate are requested to apply. .

□ Basis for promotion

■ Articles 19-4, 27, and 36 of the 「Smart City Creation and Industry Promotion Act」

■ 「Regulations on the operation of a smart city national pilot smart city general planner, etc.」


□ Business Overview

■ Project name: Smart city National pilot smart city innovative service model verification and expansion project

■ Target: Domestic companies with smart city innovation services (technology)

■ Support details: Smart city innovation service (technology) demonstration cost

■ Spatial scope: National pilot smart city (Sejong City, Busan City)

■ Project period: Contract date ~ September 24

■ Public offering field: Free public offering (total within KRW 5.5 million, KRW 0.5 to 2 million each) and designated public offering (total within KRW 3.5 million)

– Free public offering: Proposal by companies wishing to participate in demonstrations in the five major service areas*

* Smart infrastructure, transportation/logistics, health/education energy/environment, safety/living

– Designated public offering: 2 projects selected through demand survey and review process at National Pilot Smart City

※ For details of the designated contest assignments, refer to the project proposal request attached to the contest guidebook.

※ The number and budget of support projects may be adjusted according to the evaluation results, etc.


□ Eligibility to apply

■ Eligibility: Domestic companies with smart city innovation services (technology)

– Domestic companies with intellectual property rights related to innovative services

※ Large companies (including affiliates) can participate only as a consortium (within 30% of government subsidy shares).

※ Consortium can have up to 4 companies, excluding government-sponsored projects such as MOLIT.

※ Additional points are given when companies located in Sejong City or Busan City participate and participate in verification cost matching (more than 30% of the total project cost (government subsidy + matching money))


□ Application submission

■ Public offering period: '23. 12. 14. (Thursday) 〜 '24. 1. 24. (Wednesday) [40 days]

■ Application period: '24. 1. 15. (Mon) 〜 1. 24. (Wed), until 17:00 [10 days]

■ How to apply: E-mail (smartcity@kaia.re.kr)

■ Documents to be submitted: Refer to the form attached to the competition guide

■ Briefing session: '23. 12. 21. (Thursday) 14:00~15:30

– How to participate: Submit the online briefing pre-registration application by e-mail (smartcity@kaia.re.kr)

(Information session pre-registration period: from 23:12 on Thursday, December 14, 09 to 00:12 on Wednesday, December 20, 14 participants)


□ Selection procedure and method

■ Selection procedure: application submission → selection evaluation → contract conclusion → project execution

■ Evaluation method: Evaluate according to the selection evaluation procedure and method contained in the competition guide


□ Things to note

■ Costs related to project application are borne by the applicant, and submitted documents will not be returned.

■ The applicant company and related persons (including the representative) are deemed to have consented to the use of personal information for credit inquiry.

■ Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (KAIA) may request additional data if necessary, and applicants must actively cooperate.

■ After the announcement of the selection results, if it is confirmed that all or part of the submitted documents were forged, falsified, or misrepresented, the selection can be canceled.

■ All disadvantages caused by errors or omissions in the submitted documents or inability to contact the applicant are considered the responsibility of the applicant.

■ Matters related to the selection and evaluation of this project are under the authority of the Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (KAIA), and related data such as evaluation contents and results for each application are not disclosed.

■ For other details, please contact the Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (KAIA) Smart City Industry Support Center (031-3896-511, 596).


December 2023, 14

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (KAIA)

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