Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Announcement No.2024–129

In accordance with Articles 49 and 50 of the Act on Smart City Creation and Industrial Promotion, etc.2024Year-specific smart city regulatory sandbox」 In order to recruit eligible candidates, the contest details are announced as follows.

"2024Year-specific smart city regulatory sandbox' Public announcement


  1. Competition Overview


ㅇ Name of public offering: 2024 sector-specific smart city regulatory sandbox

ㅇ Contest field: Crime prevention and disaster prevention to solve urban problems

ㅇSupport details: Support for deliberation on special regulatory cases and support for demonstration project expenses to improve regulations necessary for application of technologies and solutions in public offering areas

ㅇSupport scale: Support for demonstration project expenses (up to 3 million won per project) and liability insurance premiums (up to 5% per year, up to 90 million won) for about 1,500 projects

* If the regulatory special case review is passed and the need for support is recognized as a result of the project cost adequacy review, the demonstration project cost is supported. The number and scale of demonstration project cost support are subject to change.


  1. Eligibility


ㅇ Competition field: Companies or non-profit organizations with smart innovative technologies and services, either alone or consortiums including such companies or organizations (possible to include local governments)

* For further details, please refer to the [Attachment] Contest Guide.


  1. How to Apply


ㅇApplication period: February 2024, 2 (Wednesday) ~ March 28, 3 (Wednesday) 6:17

ㅇ How to apply: Apply through the Smart City Regulatory Sandbox website (


  1. Selection Procedure and Selection Criteria : Refer to the competition guide (attached)


  1. Notice


ㅇ When submitting application documents, only all applications are valid as of the deadline, and applications after the deadline are excluded.

ㅇ If it is confirmed that approval of the demonstration business plan was obtained through fraudulent means, such as forging, falsifying, or falsely stating all or part of the submitted documents, the regulatory special provisions will be canceled and the applicant will be excluded from support.

ㅇ Documents received during the application period will not be returned.

ㅇ Any disadvantages arising from errors or omissions in the submitted documents or inability to contact are considered the responsibility of the applicant organization.

ㅇ For further details, please contact the Urban Economy Department of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (044-201-4842, 3738) or the consignment agency*.


* Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (KAIA) Senior Researcher Hee-seok Yoon (031-389-6522,




【Attachment】2024 Sector-Specified Smart City Regulatory Sandbox Contest Guide