– Specification of standards and procedures for designating demonstration/pilot operation zones for regulatory special cases

– Establishment of a business promotion system, including business designation standards and Vertiport development permit requirements

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport(Minister Park Sang-woo) prepared draft enforcement ordinances and enforcement rules in accordance with the enactment of the Act on Promotion and Support of Urban Air Transportation Utilization (hereinafter referred to as the 'Urban Air Traffic Act') (promulgated on October 23.10.24, 24.4.25, implemented on April XNUMX, XNUMX). 40Daily legislative notice(2.27.~4.8.)


□The “Urban Air Traffic Act” goes beyond the regulations of existing aviation laws and regulations. civilianof free substantiationof 지원It was enacted to do this, and for this purpose, within the verification and pilot operation area, Extensive regulatory special provisionsgrantThe basis has been prepared to make this possible.


ㅇ In addition, necessary for creating an initial industrial ecosystem Establishment of conceptVertiport development project And Basis for business designation Etc Establishment of business promotion system It also contains information for etc.


□ Accordingly, subordinate legislation necessary for the enforcement of the law has been drafted. Industry-academic-research policy communityUAM Team Korea(110 organizations participating) arranged throughThis was done in each field that makes up the UAM ecosystem. Participantsof OpinionThroughout reflectionIt is meaningful in that it was done.


□ Prepared accordingly Sub-statutory enactment proposalof Main ContentIs as follows.


ㅇ Special regulatory provisions apply substantiation·Pilot operation areafit for purpose, ensuring safety Designated through the National Transportation Committee, taking into account such factors as Pilot operation area Apply 기관Before applying competent local government And Resident opinion collection procedureIt is stipulated that it must go through, etc. Special regulatory proceduressegmentationIt was.


– Meanwhile, compared to existing aviation laws and regulations applied within the area alleviated regulationlater National Transportation Commissionthrough It will be confirmed.


substantiation·Urban air transportation operator(Transportation, traffic management, vertiport operation/management) required for designation. 시설, manpower Such as standardDecide, business plan Required when applying for designation, etc. document and application Processing procedure regulations Etc Propulsion systemembodimentIt was.


– In addition, to promote the Vertiport development project finance·manpower Etc Home RequirementsDetailed procedure(Permission → Implementation plan establishment/approval → Designation → Completion) and procedures that must be submitted at each time. development plan And design book Such as documenthas been defined.


□ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Choi Seung-wook, Director of Urban Air Transportation Policy Division, said,substantiation을 통해 SafetyAfter verifying commercializationpropelWe plan to do so through the enactment of this sub-law. Smooth substantiation And Demonstrationbusiness promotionfor someone institutional foundationHe said, “It is significant that we have prepared .”


ㅇ “Following the enactment of this sub-law, design standards for vertiports, etc. Details·technical standardsWe are also working on arrangements with related experts. Enacted with speed“We plan to perfect the laws and systems as we proceed,” he said.


Full text of the enactmentFrom February 2th Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport websiteIt can be viewed at (www.molit.go.kr) under “Policy Materials - Statutory Information - Administrative Notices” and can be viewed through mail or website. submit your opinioncan do.


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