– Minister Park Sang-woo visits Iraq to commemorate the resumption of the Bismayah New City project in Iraq

– The government and companies’ resumption efforts are fruitful, and Iraq also has a strong will to build housing and urban projects.

– Iraq requests participation of Korean companies in railway and road network projects for reconstruction (USD 170 billion)

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport(Minister Park Sang-woo)225() IraqMinister Park Sang-woo dispatched an order support team to Bismayah New Town Project Resumption commemorative eventattendand follow up new town development Iraq etc. Received order for reconstruction project지원said it did.


ㅇ Large-scale urban development project Bismaya New City, Iraq 사업As it resumes in earnest, up to 15additional new citiesare planning Iraq Entering reconstruction businessEdo green lightis expected to turn on.


ㅇ At the last ‘Next Cityscape One Team Korea Town Hall Meeting’ Revitalizing urban development projectsthrough Overseas construction paradigm shiftMinister Park Sang-woo emphasized place to visitIn Bismaya New City HousingFocusing on roads, power grids, public institutions, etc. whole citypackageReceived order with Korea’s first new city export caseIt is also


□ On the 25th (Sunday), Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Park Sang-woo Haider Mohammed Makiya With the Chairman of the Iraqi National Investment Council (NIC), etc. Bismaya New City open within Resumption of business commemorative eventattended


ㅇ The Bismayah New Town Project covers the Bundang New Town area (18.3km2, 550 million pyeong). Housing 10Manhopublic facilitiesbuilding 101$ XNUMX million, leftover 55$ XNUMX millionof large scale Urban development 사업It is being carried out by Hanwha Engineering & Construction and is part of the infrastructure cooperation between the two countries. symbolic business이다.


ㅇ After starting construction in 12, construction was recently halted in October 22 due to uncollected funds, but President Yoon Seok-yeol's Revitalizing overseas construction According to instructions, the two countries' meeting was held for the first time in 6 years. Joint committee held(June 23.6), dispatch of ministerial-level order support group (January 23.1), ministerial-level invitation meeting (September 23.9), summit meeting between the two countries (September 23.9), etc. active government support effortsThe remaining business is resumptionIt became.

Chairman of the National Investment Committeewith meeting placeMinister Park said: Iraqi governmentof activeWillingness to resume businessare well aware of Housing 1010,000 completedSo that it can be carried out without a hitch Iraqi sideof Support for ongoing cooperationof requestIt was.


ㅇ In particular, Korea’s New city development experiencesmart city technologyIt is modeled after the Bismayah New City, referring to 152 follow-up new city projects*With excellent technical skills Korean company참여So that requestIt was.


* Iraq's capital and 6 central regions, 4 southern regions, 2 eastern regions, 3 western regions, etc. (Iraqi government data)


ㅇ Additionally, Minister Park made efforts to resume business. Hanwha Engineering & Construction executives and employeesof prizeAnd a new city field workers encourageIt was.


□ The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport is supporting additional new city development projects in Iraq. intergovernmental cooperationthrough business discoveryFrom ODA etc. Policy funding supportTill Step-by-step supportof enforceI plan to.


□ Meanwhile, Minister Park Razak Muhaibis Al Saadawi, Minister of Transportexcess interviewDaewoo Engineering & Construction has been under construction since 14, including breakwaters, terminals, and connecting roads. Alpo portof follow-up construction(USD 20 billion) and other major reconstruction projectFor Orderswas supported. In addition to building the existing port, Minister Saadawi requested investment from Korean companies in petrochemical complexes and power plants near the port.


ㅇ In particular, Minister Saadawi170 billion dollars for reconstruction of Iraq 철도·road network Project*(“Development Road”) Korean companyparticipation Highly requesteddid. Minister Park responded that the Korean government and companies, which have extensive road and railroad experience, will work as a team to cooperate in Iraq's ambitious project.


* Approximately 1,200 km highway and railway project connecting Alfo Port, Iraq, to ​​Europe (Turkiye)


□ Minister Park said, “With population growth and urbanization in developing countries around the world, Overseas Urban development 사업is even more enlargementdeclared after taking office. Overseas construction paradigm shiftof first achievementHe emphasized, “This is the resumption of the Bismayah New City project.”


ㅇ “Our country has excellent smart city Based on technology, not only in Iraq but also around the world. Overseas city development projectactively advance“The government will take the lead in supporting this,” he said.


Source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport