First meeting on game changer technology on the 8th... Develop it as the core of national future strategic technology

Park Sang-woo, Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transportwill be held on Friday, March 3th at 8pm at Seoul National University (Extreme Performance Experiment Center) to dominate the future market. Core technologyBy excavating Land transportation 분야 gamechanger(Game Changer)* Secured through technologyTo Round-table conferenceopened.


* A decisive idea that can completely change the flow of the existing market or turn the game upside down.


ㅇ At this meeting, Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (KAIA)(KAIA)*, Industry, Trade and ResourcesR & DStrategic Planning Teamincluding Hyundai Rotem, Hanwha Aerospace in the field of land and transportation, etc. Various industry-academia-research experts attendedIt was.


* Established to efficiently support planning, management, and evaluation of land and transportation research and development projects in accordance with Article 16 of the Land, Infrastructure and Transport Science and Technology Promotion Act.

□ First, the experts who attended the meeting said that the public and private sectors should work together to secure game-changing technology in the land transportation sector. strategic reciprocity partnershipWith a common perception that we must have


ㅇ It is difficult for the private sector to preemptively invest and develop Core technologyof excavationUpbringing·commercialization processin The government took the initiative, Our companies with technological competitiveness Global technological hegemony competition trend inside seize the initiativeHe advised that there is a need to provide various types of support to make this possible.


□ At this meeting, the President presided over People's Livelihood Debateannounced in Land transportation field of main policy challengeIn connection with this, various technologies were reviewed to discover game-changing technologies in the land transportation field.


Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (KAIA)(KAIA)in Innovation, conductivity, industrial impact meeting three requirements, including Game Changer Technologysecond "National Land Transportation Industry Transition main pointTechnology(hereinafter referred to as ‘core technology’)” Justiceand various technologies, including the ones below: candidateTechnology(not)suggestAs a result, the expected effects were also discussed.


❶ You can see the ‘flying taxi’ from the movie in real life. urban air traffic(AMU)utilizes Korea's advanced IT technology to operate UAM aircraft safely and efficiently. AI base operating systemHigh-speed charging infrastructure While developing technology, 국제 standardof PreemptionSo 글로벌 UAM ecosystemPreemptionWe have to do it.


❷ You can find all the questions and answers about vacation destinations and local restaurants. Spatial Informationgoes beyond terrestrial space Public, Underground spaceexpanded to 3Dimension(3D) Spatial Information*buildWe have to do it.


* (Domestic) Spatial information industry expected to be approximately KRW 22 trillion in 11 (World) approximately KRW 30 trillion in 308


– Three-dimensional (3D) spatial information technology expanded to the air and underground space is used for urban air traffic (UAM), stable operation of autonomous vehicles, as well as safety management of underground facilities, etc. Used in various areas of daily lifeIt is expected to be.


❸ Pre-fabricate the building airdramatically shorteneddoing CSO(Off Site Construction) If the technology* is developed into a technology that allows construction of even high-rise buildings without errors and applied to the field, Safetyis getting higher qualityGreat improvementIt will be.


* A method of transporting members or buildings manufactured outside the site (factory, etc.) to the site and installing them.


❹ It is used as an essential material at construction sites. cementrebarDisadvantages* of howmaterials that can be usedDevelopmentIn other words, across the construction industry, ripple effectand achieve carbon neutrality. Take meaningful steps toward a sustainable society. It was predicted that this would happen.


* (Cement) Greenhouse gas emissions from the cement industry account for approximately 7% (26 billion tons) of global carbon emissions.

(Rebar) It causes cracks due to corrosion, etc., reducing the durability of the structure.


한편, Minister Park finished the meetingwas built by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport with the goal of securing a world-class large-scale experimental facility. Extreme Performance Experiment Center* researchersof meet and encourageand,


ㅇ High-speed impact testing of high-strength concrete, etc. ultimate loadextreme environmentof copyto evaluate the performance and behavior of materials and structures in all industrial fields. Experiment** siteof inspectionIt was.


* (Construction cost) Total KRW 176.6 billion (MOLIT 164.6, Seoul National University 12), (Construction period) '13.12.~'18.10.,

(Main business) Research equipment joint utilization service, technology testing and consulting support for small and medium-sized businesses, etc.


** (Main use cases) Aircraft-bird collision simulation, performance evaluation of materials and members in extreme environments, fatigue testing of structures, etc.


□ At this meeting, Minister Park said, “Republic of Korea 1The president called himself a salesmanYou too last year First overseas tripAs the last schedule of , it is called a game-changing technology. (量子) Meeting experts in the research field“I know it,” he said.


ㅇ “In order to take the lead in the future economy, researchers must innovative·challenging researchCreating an environment where you can sell outAs this is more important than anything else, it is necessary for the verification and industrialization of the core technologies discussed today. Advancement of land transport research facilitiesfor 투자actively promotedI will,” he said.


ㅇ In addition, “‘core technology development’ Companies and researchers taking on challenging tasks, Generous investment and all-round support for talented people“We will step forward,” he said.


□ The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport will work with academic and industrial experts in related fields in the future. Worthy Core technologySelect and focus on nurturing select the targetSecuring budget and intensive management, etc. Related proceduresProceed without a hitchI plan to.


Source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport