The amendment to the Framework Act on National Spatial Information comes into effect from the 19th... Provides spatial information with restricted disclosure regardless of industry

(until now) Mr. A, who works at a telecommunications company, requested 3D spatial information with detailed building information to analyze the radio wave environment prior to installing a telecommunication base station, but was not provided with the information because broadcasting and telecommunication business operators are not subject to provision under the current law.

(from now on) However, now Mr. A can receive the spatial information he wants, analyze it to his heart's content, and create economic value.


□ forward All business owners regardless of industryAfter going through security screening, Provides spatial information restricted from disclosurecan receive


ㅇ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Park Sang-woo) Expand the scope of provision of restricted spatial informationContains the contents"Framework Act on National Spatial Information'amendSo 319effective from day 1do.


□ So far, very detailed하거나 Coordinates included for security reasonslimited to public Spatial information is provided by spatial information business operators and Provided only to location information business operators*I have done it.


* 'A security review system has been introduced since 22 and data is provided after review on the applicant's security management level, and the security review work is being carried out by the Korea Land and Infrastructure Information Corporation and the Spatial Information Industry Promotion Agency.


ㅇ Recently Digital Twin, Autonomous driving, urban air traffic(AMU) Restrictions on disclosure in new industries such as The need for spatial informationis rising, and various businesses continuous The need for improvement is raisedAs a result, this amendment was prepared.


□ With this improvement every industryPeople can use more accurate spatial information in convenient serviceprovides and related Contribute to industrial developmentexpected to do so.


Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Park Geon-soo, National Land Information Policy Officer“By carefully examining all regulations related to spatial information, Regulations that become a stumbling blockhear Boldly improveI will do it,” he said.


Source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport