– Focus on digital transformation in three areas: education, industry, and administration in 2024

– Investment of KRW 2027 billion in 6 major fields, 18 strategies, and 80 businesses by 9

Chungcheongbuk-do is developing differently every day. AI, Big data, cloud, etc. digital in technological innovation ResponseSo "Chungcheongbuk-do digital transformation strategy'announced.


In the meantime, Chungbuk-do Ordinance on Promoting Digital Transformation, which establishes a foundation for administrative and financial support, assists the digital transformation of businesses in the province, and fosters talent together with universities. Efforts to keep up with the digital transformation trendhave been doing


However, despite these efforts, the level of digital transformation in North Chungcheong Province is non-metropolitan area Insufficient situation among*, North Chungcheong Province is largely 3problemsIt was stated that improvement is needed.

* Provincial supply companies with core technologies related to digital transformation: 33,637 out of 431 companies nationwide (1.3%)


first educational aspectin Small and medium-sized businesses in the province·mid-size company CEO manydigital Why is the transition even necessary? The fact that I don't understandand must lead the digital transformation. public officialIn the case of There is a lack of education that can apply actual digital technology to work and return it to citizen services.이다.

second, industry aspectin The absolute number of supply companies in the province is insufficient. Not only not In the case of demand companies investment cost·professional manpower Due to shortages, etc., digital in transition difficultyis experiencing

Finally Administrative aspect에서는 Fragmentation of information systems and public dataDue to Limitations in providing valuable information or new services to residentsIt was stated that there is.


Such Fundamentally solve the problemand to run in line with the accelerating pace of digital transformation. Chungcheongbuk-do 2024years of education, 산업, administration 3egg plant Focus on promoting digital transformation in the field.


❶ First of all, those holding the steering wheel of digital transformation for CEO 교육We plan to promote.


Healthcare with high demand for digital transformation·Bio industrial CEOabout Through national public offering project AI Capacity building education propeland, digital transition the gap Large manufacturing sector small and medium-sized·midsize business CEOPreemptively with regard to Dobby We plan to promote digital education by investing in이다.

Also Provincial civil servants Created as a target AI Practical training such as use of propelSo, task The process has been dramatically improved and the work time saved is Implementing a tangible administration that is closer to residentswant to


❷ Second, industry aspectin Significantly reduce barriers to entry into digital transformation Plan to build a foundation to foster future anchor companies이다.


Willing to innovate Actively discovering demand companies in the province and developing customized strategies for each industry proposalIn order to reduce the burden on businesses and create success stories that can be benchmarked, Core facilities·about the process AI Solution demonstration support 사업We plan to promote.

Additionally, in order to strengthen the weak supplier base, Ochang Science Industrial Complex area Establishing my digital innovation baseBy consolidating related infrastructure, R&D, and networks at high density, We plan to provide customized support for each company’s growth cycle.이다.


Companies lacking capabilitiesWe provide support for project planning, etc. growth companyWe support promotion and marketing, domestic demand matching, etc. Select excellent companiesto support exports and global activities. "Full cycle support"을 통해 Creating an ecosystem where unicorn companies can be createdwant to

In addition to nurturing local companies, we provide comprehensive information on benefits for companies relocating to North Chungcheong Province and settlement conditions for promising anchor companies located in the metropolitan area. 'On-site briefing session'By holding Assessing the anchor company's intention to relocateand, Provincial-based companies are required Continue to pursue mega-level support projects under the condition thatSo even after the previous The company Plan to build a foundation for self-sufficiency이다.


❸ Third, administrativeto Various administrative information systems are cloud-based 전환Meanwhile, generated through pending projects Big data is high-quality public data. Collected and systematically stored based on the hub platformBy doing so, we plan to build a foundation for solving social problems and returning them to citizen services.

Chungbuk Province '24Start investing in key areasto, In the mid to long term Promoting digitalization of the entire provinceIn order to achieve this, we took the acronyms of the six digital transformation leading areas encompassing the province and government. "digital chungbuk SWITCH ON!” in other words, Chungcheongbuk-do With the ambition to turn on the digital switch, Establish a visionIt was.

Under this vision '27Digital innovation company until 3,500Reaper, digital transformation practician 5Nurturing 10,000 people and Digital conversion sales 20Aim to achieve trillion wonin, 80dog About leading projects 97Plan to invest 10 billion won이다.


Deputy Governor Kim Myeong-gyu of North Chungcheong Provinceis “CEO who leads our country’s economic developmentand this supporting public officialsEnter Realizing the urgent need, innovative technology applywhen doing, We will not lose our direction in the flow of great change."He said, “In the future, we will make sure that digital transformation can change the lives of residents. Promoting high-impact businessMeanwhile, in the process small business, old man·We continue to review customized support measures to ensure that the digitally vulnerable, including the disabled, are not left out.“I will do it,” he said.

Source: Chungcheongbuk-do