– City signed a business agreement to revitalize the robot industry with Odense at R-24, the largest drone and robot exhibition in Northern Europe (March 3.13)

– Exchanges and cooperation have been active since the friendly cooperation city agreement was signed in 14... Expanding the scope of cooperation into the field of high-tech industry development

– Odense’s know-how, which transformed the industrial structure from shipbuilding to robot industry, will serve as a source of support for the popularization of robots in Seoul.

□ Seoul City, which has declared itself a robot-friendly city and is taking the lead in popularizing robot services, has joined hands with Odense, the center of the growth of the Danish robot industry, to grow the robot ecosystem of both cities. Seoul and Odense have maintained various exchanges in the fields of culture and tourism, but this is the first time they have collaborated to foster high-tech industries.


□ Seoul City strengthened cooperation with Odense, Denmark at the site of the largest robot and drone expo in Northern Europe held in Odense to revitalize the robot industry, a future strategic industry, including ① sharing policies to establish an ecosystem in the robotics field and revitalizing the industry, ② joint exhibition planning, and carrying out projects. , ③ A business agreement (March 3.13) was signed with the main focus being the expansion of talent exchange in the robotics field.

○ The business agreement signing ceremony was held at R-24, the largest robot and drone expo in Northern Europe, and Seoul City Economic and Job Planning Director Youngjun Jeong and Odense Mayor Peter Rahbaek Juel were in attendance to sign a business agreement (MOU) and discuss future cooperation. We discussed the plan. R-24 is a Danish robot exhibition where you can meet all the cutting-edge solutions in the robotics industry.


□ Odense is playing a central role in the growth of the Danish robot industry. In particular, it is a leading city in the world's robotics industry that succeeded in transforming the industrial structure from 'shipbuilding' to 'robot industry' by creating a robot cluster based on industry-academia-research cooperation such as the University of Southern Denmark and Universal Robots.

○ Odense has continued its exchanges with the Seoul Metropolitan Government, starting with the Friendship and Cooperation City Agreement (2014), the Andersen Exhibition at the Seoul Museum of History (2015 and 2019), and receiving the 1st Seoul Smart City Award (2023).

○ In the 'Project - People-Centered' category at the <1st Seoul Smart City Award> established last year to resolve the problem of global urban polarization and realize inclusive growth, ▴Denmark's Odense's 'Digital Citizen Participation Platform LEAP (Leadersip, Empowment) , and Advocacy for the People’ won the gold medal.


□ Odense is a leading city in the global robot industry, and Seoul plans to strengthen its global network through this partnership and further foster the robot industry as a future strategic industry to speed up the popularization of robot services.

○ As Seoul has a high population density, there is a high demand for service robots such as care robots and delivery robots, and there is great potential for convergence and development with various industries such as artificial intelligence (Yangjae) and IT (Guro). Seoul accounts for 18% of domestic robot industry sales.

○ In order to transform Seoul into a 'robot-friendly city,' the 'Seoul City Robot Industry Development Comprehensive Plan' was announced (23.7), and the city is promoting ▲support for innovative growth of robot companies, ▲popularization of robot services, and ▲creation of the Suseo robot cluster.


□ As the city of Seoul is taking the lead in popularizing robot services by expanding the introduction of robots in public and private service sites such as indoor and outdoor food and beverage delivery and hospital medical consumable transport, based on this agreement, it is planning to create the Suseo Robot Cluster, a cluster of robot ventures and startups. We plan to continue concrete cooperation, such as exchanging necessary policy cases and discussing the Danish Robot Cluster's special exhibition at the 'Seoul Robot Artificial Intelligence Science Museum', which is scheduled to open this year.

○ The city of Seoul plans to build the 'Seoul Robot Tech Center', an anchor facility in the Suseo Robot Cluster, where robot companies are concentrated, as a robot startup support facility and robot-friendly building, with the goal of starting construction in 26.

○ Seoul Robot Artificial Intelligence Science Museum (Chang-dong, Dobong-gu) is a space that shows the latest robot technology and future vision using robots to citizens in order to popularize robot technology, and is scheduled to open in July this year.


□ Jeong Young-jun, Seoul City Economic and Job Planning Director, said, “Odense’s know-how in growing into a world-class robot industry leader by successfully transitioning its industrial structure from the shipbuilding industry to the robot industry is that ‘Seoul,’ which has the largest service robot market in Korea, is driving the growth of the robot industry. “It will be the nourishment that accelerates popularization,” he said. “As the robot industry is a new growth engine for Seoul City in response to changes in social structure such as aging, we will grow the ecosystem in the robot field through this cooperation.”


 Source: Seoul Metropolitan Government