A report that summarizes the smart city development patterns, national policies, entry strategies, major projects and event information of 44 countries with promising smart city industries around the world.


232023 Smart City Overseas Expansion Strategy Report-d


Ⅰ. Global smart city trends
1. Background of smart city development
2. Global smart city market size and outlook
3. Smart city promotion characteristics and benchmarking case analysis by region
4. Competitiveness distribution according to smart city index

Ⅱ. Status and policy by country according to smart city development pattern
1. Smart city leading country
1-1. state-led development country
1-2. city-led development country
2. Smart city emerging country
2-1. A country that promotes national growth
2-2. A country focusing on expanding its digital base

Ⅲ. Global smart city entry strategy
1. Smart city development pattern and competitiveness ranking distribution
2. Country-specific policy analysis according to smart city development patterns
3. Entry strategy according to smart city development pattern

1. Smart city project information by country
2. Smart city event information by country
3. Glossary of terms


▶Source: KOTRA 

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