‘Digital Content Company Competitiveness Strengthening’ Project Contest... Investment of KRW 88 billion, customized support

The Ministry of Science and ICT announced that it will hold an open call for the '2024 Digital Content Enterprise Competitiveness Strengthening' project starting on the 22nd to encourage domestic promising metaverse small and medium-sized enterprises to advance overseas and expand exports.

This project is aimed at supporting overseas exports and expansion of sales channels for Metaverse-related companies by investing a total of 88 billion won this year.

In particular, we will provide all-round support to domestic small and medium-sized businesses to dominate the global ecosystem and strengthen the export competitiveness of the country's key industries through Metaverse.

The project to strengthen the competitiveness of digital content companies is ▲ fostering small and medium-sized Metaverse companies with export prospects ▲ support for participation in global markets ▲ support for global promotion and marketing in the form of Metaverse-heterogeneous field convergence ▲ full-scale Metaverse export support in connection with overseas large projects.

First, the export-promising metaverse small business development project supports early stage companies in the domestic metaverse field to strengthen their export capabilities and secure overseas references. It is an export support program customized according to the company's overseas expansion goals, such as preliminary diagnosis of export capabilities, local verification, and investment attraction. provides.

In addition, moving away from the existing consulting-centered support method, we focus on matching with global big tech and platforms, which is expected to provide a stepping stone for early-stage companies to quickly grow into small but strong companies and successfully enter the global market.

The global market participation support project supports participation in large-scale overseas markets (AWE, GITEX, etc.) in each major region to diversify overseas sales channels and create practical export results.

In particular, before participating in an exhibition, we support strengthening capabilities in advance, such as customized pre-consulting, investment briefing (IR) training, and production of corporate explanatory materials based on information on key buyers and investors for each exhibition.

Additionally, during the exhibition period, opportunities to participate in various business events such as investment information sessions (IR), demo days, business consultations, and conferences are provided.

After the exhibition, we plan to provide consulting support to create results such as additional meetings with local companies, export contracts, and memorandums of understanding (MOU).

Metaverse-heterogeneous field convergence global PR and marketing support is designed to pioneer export markets by strengthening the target market-tailored promotional and marketing capabilities of the metaverse and heterogeneous field convergence business model.

The target is a domestic company with convergence products and services that combine Metaverse services and solutions with media, digital health, and education (Edutech).

Accordingly, we plan to support matters necessary for entering new markets, such as localization of content and services, buyer discovery and matching, entry into overseas distribution platforms, and crowdfunding.

The full-scale Metaverse export support project linked to overseas projects, newly promoted this year, is intended to expand joint exports through cooperation between companies in major industries such as manufacturing, energy, and medical and Metaverse small and medium-sized businesses.

Through this, we provide systematic support throughout the entire process, from planning for winning overseas project orders to localization and follow-up support.

In addition, we support the discovery of demand for large-scale projects in overseas countries and the order-taking activities of domestic metaverse companies, and support localization costs for project-related products and solutions and local activities to expand additional exports for domestic metaverse companies that have confirmed orders. do.

Gyu-cheol Hwang, Software Policy Director at MSIT, said, “Recently, Metaverse is expected to grow continuously, spreading to various industrial fields through convergence with new digital technologies such as generative AI.”

He continued, “We will spare no effort in supporting our Meterbus companies to quickly enter the local market and become leading players in the export market through win-win cooperation between domestic companies and close partnerships with global companies.”

Meanwhile, this project will sequentially proceed with the public offering of support companies for each project, starting with the announcement of recruitment of executing agencies for each detailed project on this day. For detailed information on the public offering period, support conditions, and application method for the entire project, please visit the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (https://www. You can check it at nipa.kr).

Inquiries: Ministry of Science and ICT Software Policy Bureau Digital Content Division (044-202-6356), National IT Industry Promotion Agency (043-931-5630)

Source: Korea Policy Briefing