Ulsan hub-type intelligent city development project
Passed the MOPAS central investment review ‘Smoothly’


Ulsan City begins full-scale project after completing detailed design in September

Ulsan City was selected for the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport public offering project in May last year, and the 'Ulsan City-based Intelligent City (Smart City) Creation Project' is being promoted at the recently held Ministry of the Interior and Safety 5 2024st Regional Conference. It was announced that it had passed the central financial investment review.

Central investment review is an administrative procedure that reviews the necessity and feasibility of a project when the size of a new investment project by a metropolitan local government is more than 300 billion won.

Following the approval of the implementation plan by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport last month, and passing the central investment review this time, the 'Ulsan City-based intelligent city (smart city) creation project' is expected to accelerate.

Ulsan City plans to complete the detailed design by September and begin the project first with services for which the design has been completed, completing the project by 9.

An Ulsan city official said, “To promote this project, we signed a business agreement for mutual cooperation with nine project participating associations (consortiums), including Jung-gu Office and Ulsan Techno Park, in November last year.” He added, “This is an area where participation and cooperation of residents will continue to be important.” “As this is a specialized project, we plan to build an experienced service by communicating with residents from the design stage.”

Meanwhile, the 'Ulsan City Hub Intelligent City (Smart City) Creation Project' is a project promoted to enhance regional competitiveness by establishing services using intelligent city (smart city) technology.

By next year, a total of KRW 433 billion (KRW 200 billion from government and city funds, and KRW 33 billion from private investment) will be invested to build 4 services in 14 fields in the Jung-gu Friendship Innovation City and Seongan-dong.

The four fields are △Mobility △Energy △Life △Data, etc., and the 4 services include demand response (DRT) self-driving buses, new and renewable energy measurement systems, and intelligent (smart) services. ) Transportation facilities, data convergence innovation center, etc. end.


Source: Ulsan Metropolitan City