- Princess·Asan·Seosan·Gyeryong and other provinces 4Opening: Selected through open contest hosted by MOLIT -


In South Chungcheong Province, four cities in the province, including Gongju, Asan, Seosan, and Gyeryong, were selected for the 'National Fund Matching High-Precision Electronic Map Construction Challenge Project for Early Completion of Digital Twin' hosted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, securing 4 billion won in government funding. It was announced on the 15th.


Construction of a high-precision electronic map is a project to produce large-scale digital topographic maps* (1:1000 digital topographic maps) necessary for data-based administrative tasks and private use, which is one of the government's national tasks.

※It is digital geographic information that expresses various artificial features and natural terrain, such as roads, buildings, and rivers, with symbols, letters, and attributes according to a certain accumulation, and is the most precise map among digital maps produced in Korea.


The province held its own briefing session so that cities and counties in the province could be selected for this contest project, and led to this achievement through joint response through project discovery and collaboration.


According to the selection from this contest, a total of 15 billion won, including 15 billion won in national funds and 30 billion won in city funds, will be invested by the end of this year to survey △ the area of ​​Geomsang-dong, Gongju-si (3.5 ㎢) △ the area of ​​Daesan-eup, Seosan-si (7.5 ㎢) △ the entire area of ​​Gyeryong-si, based on aerial photographs. We plan to produce a topographic map (1:1000).


Asan City has established a high-precision electronic map and 3D model (model) for the entire region using drones and a mobile mapping system (MMS) to establish a data base to be used in the administrative and private sectors, such as various designs and automatic detection of urban changes. We plan to do so.


Lim Taek-bin, head of the Provincial Land Management Department, said, “The province has been leading the way in promoting the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport digital twin contest project,” and added, “We will continue to actively pursue projects that utilize the convergence of spatial information technology to improve the convenience of living for residents and the quality of administrative services.” “We will pursue it,” he said.


Source: Chungcheongnam-do