Goyang Special City launches high-precision electronic map construction challenge project
– Establishment of 3D spatial information, including expansion of Goyang virtual model (digital twin) and support for expanded virtual world (metaverse)

On the 25th, Goyang Special City (Mayor Lee Dong-hwan) held a launch briefing session for the 'High-Precision Electronic Map Construction Challenge Project' in the city hall conference room with Goyang Special Mayor Lee Dong-hwan, National Geographic Information Institute Director Jo Woo-seok, and other related public officials and experts in attendance.

High-precision electronic maps are maps that structure and computerize various 1D spatial information data, including 1000:3 digital topographic maps.

High-precision electronic maps based on virtual models (digital twins) will be used to smoothly support next-generation administrative tasks and prepare policies for city management.

At this launch briefing, following the progress report from the service provider, there was an in-depth discussion on various cases and activation plans for building a successful high-precision electronic map.

The project will be completed by December 2024, and smart administration projects unique to Goyang Special City will be continuously discovered and the utilization system expanded.

Goyang Special City Mayor Lee Dong-hwan said, “Through the latest 3D data infrastructure (infrastructure) to be built through this project, Goyang Special City will not only grow into a smart city, but also be reborn as an innovative city leading global virtual model (digital twin) technology. “It is,” he said.


Source: Goyang Special City