– This year’s first autonomous vehicle pilot operation district service support project… Six locations were selected, including the first self-driving bus at dawn (Seoul) and demand-responsive self-driving village buses for remote routes (Gangneung), and a total of 6 billion won in support.

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport(Minister Park Sang-woo) People experience the convenience of autonomous driving technologySo that Seoul, Gangwon(Gangneung), Dae-gu, Chungnam, Jeju, Jeonnam(Suncheon)A total of 20 billion won* will be supported for autonomous driving service operating expenses.


* Seoul (KRW 5.5 million), Gangwon (KRW 4 million), Daegu (KRW 4 million), South Chungcheong Province (KRW 2.5 million), Jeju (KRW 2 million), Jeonnam (KRW 2 million)


ㅇ This support is provided by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport.Self-driving car pilot zone service support사업*'According to ①Improving people’s transportation convenience② Through verification of new technologies and servicesdomestic Improving competitiveness of the autonomous driving industryThis is a project being carried out for the first time this year.


* A new local government auxiliary project in 24 (5:5 matching type) that supports autonomous driving service operating costs in autonomous vehicle pilot operation zones, and support targets are selected through a national public contest (2.1-2.28) and evaluation.


ㅇ In the meantime, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Establishing a foundation for autonomous driving verificationTo this end, designation of pilot operation zones, special provisions for paid passenger and cargo transportation, etc. institutional supportfocused on.


– Recently, pilot operation zones have been expanded nationwide (November 23.11). Sufficient empirical basis FurtheranceAs much as it is Self-driving services are spreading in earnestAs much as possible, a new 'Autonomous Vehicle Pilot Zone Service Support Project' has been promoted.


□ Local governments receiving support for operating expenses this year Major autonomous driving servicesis as follows:


Seoul CityStarting in the second half of the year, the median lane pilot operation zone (Hapjeong-Dongdaemun) will be operated to facilitate transportation for citizens who go to work early, such as environmental sanitation workers. On the first car of the city bus Autonomous drivingIntroduce. Late-night self-driving taxi(Gangnam pilot operation zone), for self-driving buses Transfer discount applied etc. are also promoted together.

Gangneung-si, Gangwon-doThe bus interval is long Remote areain Demand-responsive self-driving village busoperates. Senior citizen convenienceIn addition to the APP for Call a vehicle by phone as wellmake it possible also, With transportation operators in the region 함께 By operating self-driving cars, we plan to increase the sustainability and stability of self-driving services.


ㅇ In addition to that Chungcheongnam-doParking crackdown and crime prevention patrol self-driving car, Daegudowntown-Connecting the sub-city centerdemand-responsive autonomous vehicles, Jeju Island공항-downtownSelf-driving cars linked to tourism and Transportation inconvenient areaDemand-responsive autonomous vehicles in Jeollanam-doFrom Suncheon Station to National Garden Self-driving shuttle linked to tourismoperates.


Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Park Jin-ho, Head of Autonomous Driving Policy Division“Unlike drivers, self-driving cars Late at night·dawnWithout getting tired, Local rural routeIt is possible to maintain a low empty space rate compared to general public transportation (demand response service), Transportation convenience for the people effectively improve“It is a means of transportation of the future that can be done,” he said.


ㅇ “Last year, All cities nationwide·Expand autonomous vehicle pilot operation zones on roads('23.11) etc. quantitative performanceThere was, but this year, through a new business, autonomous driving technology·Enhancing public perception of services, Improvement of pilot operation district, etc. qualitative performance“I will work harder to be able to pay it,” he said.


Source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport