○ Open recruitment until April 2024 for cities and counties participating in the ‘4 Mini Hydrogen City Creation Project’

– Select two cities and counties and invest a total of 2 billion won over three years

○ Revitalizing the local economy and realizing carbon neutrality by creating hydrogen infrastructure in Gyeonggi-do

Gyeonggi Province announced on the 27th that it is recruiting cities and counties to participate in the 'Mini Hydrogen City Creation Project', an eco-friendly hydrogen energy self-sufficient small city.

The mini hydrogen city creation project is one of the ‘Hydrogen Convergence Cluster Creation’ projects, which are the pledges of Gyeonggi Province’s 8th popular election. This year, two cities and counties will be selected as 'mini hydrogen cities' and plans to provide 2 billion won in provincial funding over three years.


Yongin City was selected last year and is currently pursuing a construction project.


Business applications are due until April 4, and cities and counties can form consortia with public institutions and private companies to present business models tailored to regional characteristics.


Additional points are given for △clean hydrogen production and △use of built-up hydrogen infrastructure. Detailed information can be found in the notice posted in the notice section of the Gyeonggi-do website (www.gg.go.kr).


Jeong Han-gyu, head of the Gyeonggi Province Advanced Mobility Industry Department, said, “We hope for the city and county’s active interest and participation in the ‘Mini Hydrogen City Creation Project’, which is an eco-friendly hydrogen energy self-sufficient small city (complex) to promote carbon neutrality and the hydrogen economy.”


Source: Gyeonggi-do