– Strengthening cooperation for final selection with the province and six cities including Cheonan and other preliminary sites –

South Chungcheong Province has taken preemptive action to make the final selection for the 'Carbon Neutral Leading City' contest hosted by the Ministry of Environment.

The Ministry of Environment previously selected 39 local governments nationwide, including Cheonan, Boryeong, Asan, Seosan, Nonsan, and Dangjin, as preliminary targets in December last year, and plans to announce the final selection of two local governments in October.

Prior to a full-scale response, the province held a meeting on the 27th to establish a response plan for the carbon neutral leading city contest in a small conference room at the headquarters of the Chungnam Credit Guarantee Foundation in Naepo New Town, with about 6 people in attendance, including people in charge of six preliminary sites and the Chungnam Research Institute.

At this meeting, each organization presented strategies to divide roles and establish a public-private joint cooperation system, establish a basis for supporting carbon-neutral cities, and expand participation of local companies and universities.

The province plans to establish city-county implementation strategies and a carbon-neutral leading city model linked to local key industries and corporate investments in April, and form an advisory group to advise on adequacy, specificity, and feasibility.

In May, an industry-academia-research agreement will be signed for the purpose of private cooperation projects, talent development, and social transformation, and the final proposal will be submitted to the Ministry of Environment around July.

On 9-October, when the Ministry of Environment evaluation is underway, the plan is to provide expert advice to respond to the presentation evaluation, etc., so that at least one out of six places can be included in the final list.

A carbon neutral city refers to a city that spatially implements or aims for carbon neutrality based on carbon neutral technology in accordance with Article 29 of the Carbon Neutral Framework Act.

By creating a leading carbon-neutral city, we can focus government support, actively utilize excellent private carbon-neutral technology, and induce investment to not only achieve carbon neutrality for local governments but also grow related industries.

Yeo Woon-seong, head of the provincial climate and environment policy department, said, “Public and private sectors are working together to prepare for the selection of a carbon-neutral leading city. We will do our best until the end to produce good results and push forward with the project with full support when selected through a public contest.” “He said.


Source: Chungcheongnam-do