– UAM Team Korea held the 7th main council meeting… Participating institutions expanded from 101 to 167

– Accelerating the preparation of various standards necessary for commercialization… Promoting institutionalization with speed

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport(Minister Park Sang-woo) held a meeting in Seoul on March 3 at 26 p.m., presided over by Second Vice Minister Baek Won-guk (Chairman). UAM Team Korea(Below UTK*) My7Chabon Council Meetingto hold


* Industry, academia, research institute, and government council that discusses and deliberates on key issues of K-UAM (launched in June 20.6)


□ At this meeting, in order to prepare for full-scale commercialization of K-UAM at the end of 25, UAM Team Korea operating system reform plan, demonstration project(GC)Future direction for etc. will be discussed.


ㅇ As the establishment of a system for commercialization begins in earnest, the UTK operating system isworking group working council main council'as MaintenanceThis strengthens the discussion function centered on the working group and encourages participating organizations to 101in dog 167zoom in*etc. 'UAM Team Korea System reform plan' is decided.


* GC representative agreement organizations such as LG U+ and Kakao Mobility, and metropolitan local governments such as Gangwon, Chungnam, Gyeongnam, Jeonbuk, Jeonnam, and Sejong


ㅇ Also, demonstration projectreflects changes in conditions Verification scheduleof some adjustmentsThrough the confirmation of the GC-1 stage passing criteria (April 24.4) and the operation of an evaluation group (September 24.9~), it is decided whether each consortium will pass GC-1.


□ Meanwhile, the UTK Working Group is preparing drafts of various standards* necessary for commercialization of UAM, and at this meeting, Vertiport design standards, Standard plan for urban aircraftwill be discussed and used as a reference for official institutionalization.


* Standards for designation of urban air transportation operators, qualification standards for urban aircraft workers, operational safety and certification standards, etc.


Baek Won-guk Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport 2loansilver "UAM Team Koreais envied all over the world K-UAMproud of“He said, “It is a national task. '25end of year UAM commercializationfor UTK Everyone's effort is importantSo that participating organizations can do their activities to their fullest. 지원“I will not spare any effort,” he said.


Source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport