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No. 49 (2024.4.1)
Smart City Issue

The government, region, and private sector join forces to create a ‘smart city’

2024.3.28 / Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport(Minister Park Sang-woo) citizens and businesses지자체Let's join forces various cities 문제를 solutionTo suit local characteristics, groundbreaking service“Finding and creating”2024Smart city creationExpansion business'collusioncarry out.

Sejong Smart City designated as national pilot smart city project operator

2024.3.27 / Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Park Sang-woo) and National Agency for Administrative City Construction (Director Kim Hyeong-ryeol) Sejong Smart city National pilot smart city(Happy City 5-1 Living Zone)* will be created Designate a project operatorand proceed with the business.
Smart City Policy Project

Early morning commutes, country roads without buses, now take a self-driving car!

2024.3.26 / Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport 
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport(Minister Park Sang-woo) People experience the convenience of autonomous driving technologySo that SeoulGangwon(Gangneung)Dae-guChungnamJejuJeonnam(Suncheon)A total of 20 billion won* will be supported for autonomous driving service operating expenses.

Geospatial information gets closer to people’s lives through ‘deregulation’

2024.3.18 / Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport 
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Park Sang-woo) Expand the scope of provision of restricted spatial informationContains the contents"Framework Act on National Spatial Information'amendSo 3월 19effective from day 1do.
Smart City Policy Trend

Gyeonggi-do recruits cities and counties to participate in the ‘Mini Hydrogen City Creation Project’… .Investment of 3 billion won over 200 years

2024.3.27 / Gyeonggi-do 
Gyeonggi Province announced on the 27th that it is recruiting cities and counties to participate in the 'Mini Hydrogen City Creation Project', an eco-friendly hydrogen energy self-sufficient small city. The mini hydrogen city creation project is one of the ‘Hydrogen Convergence Cluster Creation’ projects, which are the pledges of Gyeonggi Province’s 8th popular election.

Daegu Metropolitan City, applied for designation as a special opportunity development zone for the first time in the country!

2024.3.25 / Daegu Metropolitan City
The government is accepting applications for special zones as soon as they are prepared in local areas without a separate competition period through the 'Guidelines for Designation and Operation of Special Opportunity Development Zones' notice ('24.3.4.), and Daegu Metropolitan City held the Daegu Local Times Committee and announced the 'Daegu City After reviewing the 'Basic Plan for Opportunity Development Zone', we applied for the first special zone in the country on Friday, March 3nd.

Seoul City cooperates with Odense, the center of the Danish robot industry, to grow the robot ecosystem

2024.3.18 / Seoul Metropolitan City
Seoul, which has declared itself a robot-friendly city and is taking the lead in popularizing robot services, has joined hands with Odense, the center of the growth of the Danish robot industry, to grow the robot ecosystem of both cities. Seoul and Odense have maintained various exchanges in the fields of culture and tourism, but this is the first time they have collaborated to foster high-tech industries.

Brighten up North Chungcheong Province digitally! Announcement of Chungcheongbuk-do’s digital transformation strategy

2024.3.18 / Chungcheongbuk-do 
Chungcheongbuk-do is developing differently every day. AI, Big datacloud, etc. digital in technological innovation ResponseSo "Chungcheongbuk-do digital transformation strategy'announced.

Goyang City invests 402 billion won in creating a high-tech intelligent city (smart city)... Creating a convenient city

2024.3.18 / Goyang Special City 
Goyang Special City (Mayor Lee Dong-hwan) plans to introduce 4th industry smart technology into the administrative field to solve problems in the areas of transportation, urban planning, and citizen safety and provide convenient administrative services to the public.
Smart City Special

National pilot smart city where data lives, Sejong Smart City

2024.3.25 / Sejong Smart City Co., Ltd.

It's a self-driving taxi that flies all the way to the sky? Air taxi countdown

2024.3.22 / Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (KAIA)
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Smart City Literature

Spatial information standard-based smart city framework

Modern cities are actively introducing smart city services to respond to various urban problems. Spatial information serves as the basic infrastructure of smart cities and promotes sustainable development of cities. 
Eunbi Go, Kooksik Jeong, Gyeongcheol Gyeong (Korea Information and Communication Technology Association)

Examining smart city paradigm changes: Focusing on global indices and major city cases

As global crises such as unprecedented climate change and the spread of new infectious diseases become more frequent, the disaster response and resilience of cities are being emphasized, and the direction of smart cities is changing accordingly. Local conditions and situations are required for the successful promotion of smart cities. It is necessary to set smart city goals and strategies that take into account global trends and reflect global trends. 
Seonmi Park, Hyomin Choi, Seong Choi (Smart Policy Team, Seoul Digital Foundation) 

Comparison of smart city efficiency using DEA and KPI

In this study, we investigated how major domestic cities utilize smart city-related technologies, developed key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the smartness and efficiency of cities, and based on information on the city's operational efficiency through DEA ​​analysis. We would like to present a methodology to suggest smart city policy directions.
Lee Sang-ho, Min Yun-hong (Incheon National University) / Jo Hee-yeon (Incheon National University College of Northeast Asian Logistics) 
Smart City News
2024 World IT Show


    • Event name: World IT Show 2024 (WIS 2024)
    • Date/Location: '24.4.17 (Wed) ~ 19 (Fri), 3 days / COEX
    • Topic: Innovation in everyday life created by AI, World IT Show
Gen AI Korea 2024 Generative AI Red Team Challenge


    • Event name: Gen AI Korea 2024 Generative AI Red Team Challenge
    • Date/Location: '24.4.11 (Thursday) ~ 12 (Friday) / COEX B2 Hall
    • Subject: An open challenge in which an outsider identifies potential risks by respecting prompts targeting a domestic generative AI model (LLM). / 02-3667-3114