– Possible to load and unload without entering the delivery bin... Improving courier labor conditions through automation technology

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport(Minister Park Sang-woo) Assists in horizontal loading and unloading of delivery boxes "Horizontal loading and unloading for parcel transport vehicles automatic device(hereinafter “Package loading and unloading automatic device”)” on April 4. Excellent new logistics technology7horo appointedIt was.


ㅇ This technology allows you to get on and off the truck carrying the parcel or press a button without having to go inside. The floor plate of the truck moves and automatically moves the cargo.Shiki is an automatic device technology.


□ The excellent new logistics technology system is Developed for the first time in Koreabecome or Introduced and improved from abroadBy evaluating logistics technology, novelty, progressiveness, Economics, Field applicability, supplyusability Excellent technology certified by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and TransportIt is a system that does. To promote the dissemination and use of logistics technology,20Since its implementation in 2018, the total 6The case is designatedbecame.


Designated as an excellent new logistics technologyPriority support such as technology development funds, ② public기관 Priority application and purchase recommendation, ③ Additional points given when bidding You will receive various benefits, including:


□ The excellent new logistics technology designated this time is 1.5Cargo transport vehicles of less than a ton(탑차) Install conveyor beltSo the delivery driver does not enter the loading box. conveniently To load and unload parcels helping Automatic device for loading and unloading parcelsAll. Reduce work time, Reduce labor costs, Safety accidents can be preventedexpected to do so.


This device is Speedfloor Co., Ltd.(Representative Hong Hyun-jin)technology developmentIt was.

Unlike typical conveyor belts chain-Adopts a unique structure combining beltsSo Transport heavy loadscan do. Easy to install tooand replacement of consumables, etc. Easy maintenance workDo.


ㅇ The system installed in the loading box of the existing large trailer was large in size to handle large cargo and was a diesel hydraulic system. In addition, the new technology designated this time is a large cargo system. The first fire extinguisher to be lightweight and use an electric motor. Developed as an automatic loading and unloading deviceIt was.


- Not only domestically Even overseas, automatic horizontal loading and unloading devices are installed on small delivery vehicles. Since there are no cases of application, overseas expansion is expected in the future.do.


□ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Jinae Ahn, Chief of Advanced Logistics Department“By semi-automating loading and unloading with a mobile device mounted on a cargo vehicle, Improving work efficiency, industrial accidents of delivery workers, etc. Reduce the risk of safety accidents “I expect that,” he said.


For more information on new excellent logistics technologies, visit the Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (KAIA) website.You can check it at (http://www.kaia.re.kr).


Source: Korea Policy Briefing