1 underground floor and 4 floors above ground… Equipped with a large-scale control center and promotional experience center for autonomous driving and smart safety roads

Mayor Choi Dae-ho declares ‘Digital Anyang Special Self-Governing City’, “It will grow into a global innovative growth base center”

<Anyang City Smart City Integration Center Opening Ceremony>

<Promotion Experience Center – Autonomous Driving Simulator Experience>

<Promotion Experience Hall – Digital Virtual Reality Experience Zone>

<Anyang City Self-Driving Bus “Day and Night”>


The Smart City Integration Center, which represents Anyang, a smart city in the world, was reborn with a total floor area of ​​1㎡ from 4 underground level to 5 above-ground floors.

Anyang City held an opening ceremony at the center on the 17th at 14:200 with about XNUMX people in attendance, including Anyang City Council Chairman Choi Byeong-il, National Assembly members Kang Deuk-gu and Min Byeong-deok, the head of the Southern Gyeonggi National Police Agency, social groups, related associations, and citizens.


Anyang City Smart City Integration Center, which opened on the 2009th floor of the main building of City Hall in 7, is located on the site next to Dongan-gu Office (Pyeongchon) in order to preemptively prepare for the period of great digital innovation and to establish a system that can quickly respond to the diversification of new technologies in the 4th Industrial Revolution era. The building was expanded and relocated to 243 Daero 42beon-gil.


The newly created Smart City Integration Center is operated by approximately 7 people distributed by function.representation It is equipped with the world's largest control center that can monitor crime prevention, traffic, and safety CCTV by linking and integrating it, as well as a public relations experience center, an experiential exhibition space.


The promotional experience hall on the first floor of the center has created an experience space where you can directly experience cutting-edge future technologies such as digital virtual reality (VR·XR), autonomous driving simulator, smart road infrastructure, and smart city diorama.


Here, you can experience Anyang City's self-driving future transportation, artificial intelligence (AI) smart safety roads, etc., and vividly experience Anyang City's safe return service, intelligent CCTV control, and senior citizen safety services in a large diorama. Anyang City's self-driving buses,' You can test drive ‘day and night’. It will be open to all citizens for free starting April 4nd.



In celebration of the opening ceremony of the Smart City Integration Center, Anyang Mayor Choi Dae-ho presented a future vision of 'Anyang City's imagination becomes reality' and declared Anyang City as a 'Digital Anyang Special Self-Governing City'.


Mayor Choi expressed his ambition, saying, “As a leader in future new industries, the Anyang City Smart City Integration Center will grow into a global innovative growth base center equipped with smart core technologies to create a smarter Anyang with citizens.”