– Recruitment of 4 participating companies for ‘Development and support of AI solutions to solve urban problems’
– Total support of 3 million won… Producing and demonstrating artificial intelligence solutions

Gwangju City will begin development and verification support for solutions incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) technology to solve local urban problems such as traffic, safety, environment, and employment environment. Through this, the strategy is to further strengthen the status of Gwangju as an ‘artificial intelligence demonstration city’.

Gwangju Metropolitan City (Mayor Kang Ki-jeong) is recruiting companies to participate in the ‘Urban Problem-Solving AI Solution Development and Support Project’ until May 5th. The goal is to expand convenience for citizens and promote the growth of local AI companies by applying and solving local companies' artificial intelligence (AI) technology to urban problems related to citizens' lives.

This project, which is being promoted for the second time this year following last year, is ▲ Transportation (bicycle use, road congestion, transportation infrastructure) ▲ Safety (risk of collapse of old facilities, cyber crime, late-night crime) ▲ Cultural tourism (tour information and marketing, tourism products) , off-season season programs) ▲Environment (disposal of street waste, use of eco-friendly energy) ▲Social economy (vitalization of real estate market) ▲Employment environment (non-regular workers, job diversity) ▲Residence conditions (use of bicycles, aging housing) ▲Social welfare (protection of seniors living alone) Companies in the Gwangju area that have artificial intelligence (AI) solutions related to eight tasks, including systems and support for single mothers and parents, can participate.
Gwangju City will provide a total of 7 million won to companies or consortiums that submitted four artificial intelligence (AI) solutions selected through evaluation by an evaluation committee composed of external experts (10 to 4 people) to produce and demonstrate solutions. Support. It also provides opportunities such as participation in investment attraction briefings (IR) and international artificial intelligence conferences.

Last year, through the 'Urban Problem Solving AI Solution Development and Support Project', ▲ NH Networks Co. and Windy's artificial intelligence-based underpass flood prediction monitoring system (Wolchul Underpass) ▲ artificial intelligence and robot technology of Ecopeace Co. and Orden Co., Ltd. Smart water quality management and monitoring system (Yongbongje) using ▲Sunny Factory's smart guidance service such as citizen escort and provision of shopping mall information, self-driving unmanned robot (Geumnam Underground Shopping Mall) ▲Gwangju city bus inconvenience by Eunseong Trasis Co., Ltd. and Ghost Pass Co., Ltd. Four tasks were selected, including an artificial intelligence (AI) bus information system (high-tech No. 23), to resolve issues and improve the city bus transportation ratio, and supported verification to ensure citizen convenience and safety.

Companies participating in Gwangju City’s ‘Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solution Development and Support Project’ demonstration are showing success one after another.

Ecopeace Co., Ltd. plans to receive a strategic proposal from the Cleveland Water Alliance (CWA), a non-profit organization carrying out a desalination project in the Great Lakes of the United States, and apply the Gwangju empirical model to the United States.

Oden Co., Ltd. has signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with SOTATEK, a global software company, and is planning to enter the Southeast Asian market through a technical partnership related to controlling artificial intelligence convergence technology devices (AIoT devices) in a state of communication loss.

In addition, Eunseong Trasis Co., Ltd.'s artificial intelligence (AI) bus information system provides information on the arrival time of the high-tech route 23 down to the second, leading to high citizen satisfaction, raising expectations for future corporate growth.

Artificial intelligence companies in the Gwangju area who wish to participate in this year's 'Urban Problem Solving AI Solution Support Project' must visit the Artificial Intelligence Industry Convergence Project Group website by May 5th.http://aica-gj.krYou can apply through ).

Kim Yong-seung, head of the Artificial Intelligence Industry Department, said, “Through this project, we will solve urban problems throughout the Gwangju region with artificial intelligence (AI) solutions,” and added, “We will create an environment where citizens can experience the benefits of artificial intelligence in their daily lives.” said. <End>

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Source: Gwangju Metropolitan City