– Land and transportation data utilization contest with a total prize of 19 million won starting from the 2,800th

… The grand prize winner advanced to the finals of the Ministry of the Interior and Safety Startup Competition.

Benefits such as startup mentoring and preferential interest rates (transportation sector) are also provided.

□ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Park Sang-woo) runs from April 4 to June 19. 2024 soil·Promotion of traffic data utilizationCompetition*(hereinafter referred to as “competition”) will be held.


* Integrated hosting of the Land, Infrastructure and Transport Big Data Hackathon ('17~'21) and the Korea Road Corporation Traffic Data Contest ('12~'21) (from 22), and 12 startups or products out of a total of 134 winners since '18. Commercialization including launch



ㅇThe competition is soil·new transportation industry Discover and use data on activation It was designed to do this. This year, it will be held under the theme of ‘A new future for land and transportation drawn with big data.’


□ This year soil·Traffic Data Utilization Contestis ①Field of Policy and Entrepreneurship IdeasProductservice development fieldProceed with (apply as a prototype).



ㅇ Those with a high interest in the land and transportation fields and a passion for solving new problems Any citizen of the Republic of Korea may have personal information without restrictions., (3within)participate bycan do.


□ The evaluation is conducted through a review of documents and presentations by a review committee composed of experts from industry, academia, and research and practical staff. 8select a teamI plan to.



ㅇ The total prize money is 2,800 million won. One grand prize team will receive the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport's Award and a prize of KRW 1 million, and the seven excellent teams will receive the Agency Director's Award and a prize of KRW 700 million each.


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award winner()for Hosted by the Ministry of the Interior and Safety Startup competition using public dataParticipation in the finals of the conference(Scheduled for August 24.9)opportunityGrants. Education to strengthen competitivenessAlso supports.


ㅇ Winners (teams) preparing to start a business include: Entrepreneurship Mentoring, interest rate preference(transportation field), etc. Systematic follow-up for start-up supportalso plan to proceed.


□ Detailed information can be found at the National Transportation Data Open Market (https://www.bigdata-transportation.kr).


□ Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Yoo Shin-geun, Information and Statistics Officer, said, “Future generations who will lead digital innovation will actively participate. soil·Innovative ideas based on traffic dataWe hope that a lot of will be discovered,” he said.

Source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport