– ‘24 cities selected for K-City network overseas demonstration project in 6… A total of 25 billion won

□Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Park Sang-woo) held an event held on April 4. k-city This year's overseas demonstration target cities were selected by the Network Overseas Demonstration Project Selection Deliberation Committee. 6place*selectedIt was.


* Hue City in Vietnam, Jakarta City in Indonesia, Puerto Princesa City in the Philippines,

Siem Reap Province, Cambodia, Verona City, Italy, New Jersey, USA


ㅇ K-City network project Smart city field corporate overseassupport exportand, Building a global networkfor intergovernmental cooperationBased on overseas city Smart city development 지원It is a program that does.


ㅇ This year planning type*Overseas demonstration type**The public offering was divided into categories (1.30~3.19).

planning type4Projects received by Marchrequested about Advance consulting with overseas citiesthrough 6Selection at the end of the monthI will do it.


* (Planning type) Support for smart city basic concept, master plan, feasibility study, etc. in overseas cities


** (Overseas demonstration type) A project to support domestic companies to develop local services by piloting smart solutions commercialized in Korea in overseas cities.


□ Through selected demonstration projects, our companies Join hands with overseas cities Advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and digital twin are applied. smart service locally By building substantiationdo.


Hue City, Vietnam(City)In this case, multiple underground facilities integrated beacons (smart pins) are used. Underground facility maintenance solutionto demonstrate and manage local land and real estate using digital twins. 33D right space solution인도네시아 Jakarta (City)It will be verified in

Puerto Princesa, Philippines (City)에서는 Smart disaster and safety management service for providing Pilot construction of a smart city integrated operation centerI will do it.


Siem Reap Province, Cambodia(State)In order to solve the climate crisis and revitalize tourism, electric motorcycles are used. smart Mobility sharing serviceproves.


ㅇ Also, Verona, Italy (City)To solve traffic congestion at intersections in the city, next generation C-ITS traffic control systemDemonstrate and


ㅇ Like Korea Road icing accidentoccurs frequently New Jersey, USA(State)In which technology is applied to determine the road surface by sound, Freezing response solutionproves.


Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Lee Sang-joo, Director of Land, Infrastructure and Urban Affairs Departmentis “our Smart city technology and servicesis rapid Population growth and urbanizationSoutheast Asia, etc. are experiencing Emerging developing countries and developed countries such as Europevariety of Contribute to solving urban problems“I will do it,” he said.


ㅇ “In the future, through the K-city network, We share our smart city know-how with overseas cities. 공유and, Our company enters the local market“We will develop it in a helpful direction,” he said.


Source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport