– April 4, meeting for new growth areas in aviation, including aircraft maintenance industry (MRO), drones, and smart airports

… A groundbreaking ceremony was also held for the construction of the Incheon Airport High-Tech Aviation Complex, with the goal of completion in February 26.


soupMinistry of Transport(Minister Park Sang-woo) held a meeting with the aviation industry on April 4. Land transportation relay meetingHeld 「Incheon Airport High-Tech Aviation Complex Groundbreaking Ceremony」 is scheduled to be held.


ㅇ This meeting was held to discuss the aviation industry, which has grown centered on passenger transportation. new growth engineof secureIt was designed to do this. At the meeting Aviation maintenance industry(MRO)*, drone, smart airport, Airlinefinance Officials from new growth fields will attend.


* Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul: General term for maintenance of ① operation, ② airframe, ③ parts, ④ engine, etc. for safe operation of aircraft and maintenance of performance.


Round-table conference418(neck) 오후 130IncheonIt is held in Related organizations* and aviation industry, financial industry, etc. civilian*Together, we plan to share vision and strategies for new growth areas in the aviation industry.


* (Related organizations) Incheon International Airport Corporation, Korea Transport Institute

** (MRO) Korean Air, Asiana, Sharp Technics K, Korea Aviation Service / (Drone) Korea Drone Industry Association, Pablo Airlines, Systech, Narma / (Smart Airport) Uriel Soft, Hanseo University / (Finance) BNK Financial Holdings , DB Asset Management, Galaxia Money Tree


ㅇ First, experts in each field MRO, drone, smart airport, aviation financeof market·technology statusomnidirectionalof Announcementdo. Next, a realistic look at the industry defilematterslisten to gyeokjisajiin the posture of Policy Recommendationstogether ArgumentI will do it.


ㅇ In addition, in the aviation sector, aviation authorities safety regulationsand private freedom creativityHarmonyachieve DevelopmentAs this is a field where regulations and cutting-edge technologies are necessary for the lives of the people, balanceWhile achieving 산업of Activationdoing measuresAlso discussed.


□ Following the meeting, from 3 p.m., there will be a meeting with IAI of Israel. Cargo aircraft remodeling project For etc.Incheon Airport High-Tech Aviation Complex Groundbreaking Ceremony*」 will be held.


* Includes a groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of a site for a cargo aircraft maintenance complex for the US Atlas Air cargo aircraft heavy maintenance project.


ㅇ At the groundbreaking ceremony, Park Sang-woo, Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transportincluding Incheon Mayor Yoo Jeong-bok,
Bae Jun-young, National Assembly member, Atlas Airlines Michael Steen CEO, IAI Company Eliyahu GambasiCCO, Lee Hak-jae, President of Incheon International Airport etc. related personnel 1,000Dawnattend this


Aviation maintenance industry(MRO) continuous maintenance demandhigh technical skillsbased on
high valueIt is a future new growth engine industry that can create value. Also, aircraft operation SafetypunctualityIt is closely related to safety and is also a key factor for public safety.


domestic MRO marketAs of '22 about 2.3article It is at a scale level (about 2% of the global market). High dependence on foreign countries There were limits to the growth of the domestic MRO industry.


Creation of a high-tech aviation complexto MRO 산업Airport competitiveness enforcecontributeexpected to do so.


□ Until now, our industry has international world 5Incheon Airport air demandto the world's leading airlines based on High quality maintenance serviceand as trust builds, recently aircraft modification businessof inducementetc. Aviation maintenance industry(MRO) new electricitypreparedDoing.


ㅇ In February 26 Creation of a high-tech aviation complexOnce completed, global companies and domestic professional MRO companies will move in. Integrated aircraft maintenance serviceofferwill do


– Establishing a healthy ecosystem, such as converting overseas outsourced maintenance volume into the domestic market 5,000dogof Creating a joband in the future 10Year 10trillion scaleof production inducement effectis expected.


ㅇ In addition, the groundbreaking ceremony site has already been used by a joint venture with Israel's IAI. Cargo aircraft conversion facilityis being built.


– This facility Incheon Airport High-Tech Aviation Complexof First occupancy facilityAs in the future Parts supply Etc Related companiesPromote their move-in Coexistence between regionsand domestic MRO industry Shared growthcontributeIt is expected that it will be done.

Park Sang-woo, Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transportsilver "Airlineis practically an island our countryof Activity areaof Worldwideexpand“I think he was the main person who ordered it,” he said.


ㅇ “The domestic aviation industry quantum jumpFor (Quantum Jump), growth in new fields that can generate great synergy with the air passenger industry is essential, and to leap forward as a global aviation powerhouse. Identifying industry challenges and necessary 지원Communicationof I won't spare anything“We plan to emphasize this.

Source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport