– Securing 4.22 million won in national funding, presenting a pilot city model that provides real-time signal information throughout the city –

□ Gangneung City was finally selected for the National Police Agency's “Real-time Signal Information Provision Pilot City” contest, securing 4 million won in government funding to create a space for future transportation that can provide optimal traffic information to citizens in real time. It goes out.


□ In this contest, three local governments that passed the written evaluation competed and Gangneung City was finally selected. Domestic and international promotion of services through the 3 Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) World Congress, future complex transfer center development project, and tourism-type autonomy It received high praise for its differentiated strategies, such as operating a running vehicle.


□ Accordingly, a service environment that provides real-time signal information collected by the National Police Agency's Urban Traffic Information Center to future transportation and route guidance services (navigation) will be established throughout the city, and the signal controller upgrade will be completed by August. We plan to pursue the project with the goal of normal operation.


□ By providing real-time signal information, drivers can receive information on the remaining time when the color of the traffic light changes at an intersection in advance through the route guidance service (navigation), and it reduces dangerous driving such as speeding or tailgating to receive a signal, making it safer and safer. It is expected to contribute to creating a convenient transportation environment.

□ In addition, while the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) system is being built in stages starting in 2021, it is expected that synergy effects can be maximized by utilizing real-time signal information for tangible Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) services in various fields. .


□ In particular, the plan is to link real-time signal information to various technology demonstrations to be shown at the 2026 Gangneung Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) World Congress to provide various opportunities for domestic and foreign visitors to directly experience cutting-edge transportation technology throughout the city.

□ An official from Gangneung City said, “As the number of tourists using passenger cars increases, the number of searches for Gangneung for route guidance services (navigation) is also steadily increasing every year, so we expect that the perception of the real-time signal information provision service will be significant.” He added, “Safe and convenient transportation service.” “We will do our best to build a transportation environment that can successfully host the Gangneung General Assembly by continuously securing future transportation technology while providing .”


Source: Gangneung City