– International Logistics Industry Fair opens on April 4... Signed a business agreement to demonstrate robot delivery

– A logistics industry meeting was also held to advance into a cutting-edge logistics industry.

□ For 4 days from April 23rd, you can meet future logistics technologies in one place at KINTEX (4nd exhibition hall) in Ilsan.International logistics industry대전」 opens.


□ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Park Sang-woo) 423opening ceremonyFollowing the industry Building consensus and On-site communicationFor the logistics industry and Land transportation relay meetingIt is also held.


ㅇ The meeting is Smart logistics, Living logistics(delivery/courier), cargo transportation With various companies in the logistics field gathered in one place, Creating future growth enginesinnovation It was prepared to discuss measures.


□「International logistics industry대전」 and the main contents of the logistics industry meeting are as follows.


My14International Logistics Industry Fair(4.23~26, Ilsan KINTEX Exhibition Hall 2)


□ Logistics fields such as transportation, services, and facilities 150dozen Enterprise7508 exhibition hallsoperates. Self-driving robots and trucks, logistics automation processes, picking robots, etc. State-of-the-art smart logistics facilities-equipmentshow off.



My14Main exhibition items at the International Logistics Industry Exhibition

ㅇ Korea’s largestInternational logistics industry대전"silver 423From (Tuesday) 26Until (Fri) Made by Ilsan KINTEX2showroomIt is held in Advanced logistics equipment and technology trendsYou can look at it at a glance.


opening ceremony(4.23, 2 p.m.) Park Sang-woo, Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, Shin Young-soo, president of the Korea Integrated Logistics Association, and other major logistics companies are scheduled to participate.


□ In addition, to develop and improve robot delivery technology Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport-Korea LandHousingconstruction(LH)-Korea Integrated Logistics AssociationDemonstration cooperation for robot delivery in apartment complexesfor someone business agreementalso concluded.


ㅇ So far, in the private sector Robot delivery technologydevelops rapidlyI did it, but actual shipping addressIn an apartment complex technology demonstrationdifficult There were limits.


Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and TransportImprovement of related systems and regulations, Korea Land & Housing Corporationtestbed offer, Korea Integrated Logistics Associationwants to participate in the demonstration project. Securing demand companies We plan to actively cooperate in our role.

Logistics industry meeting(4.23, Room 306, KINTEX, Ilsan)


□ With related organizations such as Korea Transport Institute and Korea Integrated Logistics Association cargo transportation·Logistics companies such as living logistics As well as 로봇·such as autonomous driving technology Smart logistics companyMany people also attended and discussed the importance of our logistics industry. Creating future growth enginesLogistics service innovation We plan to discuss plans.


* (smart logistics) Pasto, Mars Auto, Clobot, Speedfloor (Living logistics) CJ Logistics, Coupang CLS, Baedal Minjok,

* (cargo transportation) LX Pantos, Yongma Logis, Cheonil Freight, KT


ㅇ First, Transportation Research Institutein Current status of domestic logistics industryglobal logistics trendAnnouncement about. Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Logistics Policy Promotion directionwith the industry 공유do. Lastly, companies in each field On-site difficulties·SuggestionsPolicy RecommendationsWe will discuss freely.


ㅇ In particular, the logistics industry industrial leapfor someone Government support planWe discuss intensively.

As the logistics industry is rapidly changing due to the recent development of cutting-edge technologies such as AI and robots, Private technological innovationnew growth engineThis is because it can act as a .


Park Sang-woo, Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transportis “we logistics industryconnects all parts of the Korean economy. Core industries such as blood vesselsDue to the growth of daily logistics such as interest and delivery and the emergence of cutting-edge and new technologies such as robots and drones, High value-added industryto rapidly Development“I’m doing it,” he said.


ㅇ “The logistics industry AI, ICT Convergence with smart technology, etc.In order to leap forward into a high-tech industry, 1Logistics exceeding 100 billion won R & D propel, Commercialization of unmanned delivery improved regulations, Intensive support for logistics startups “The government will actively support this,” he said.

Source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport