– On the 25th, the Dutch Vice Minister met in Seoul to discuss cooperation toward future mobility –


□Baek Won-guk Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport2loanwas held on the afternoon of Thursday, April 4th at the National Land Development Exhibition Hall in Jeong-dong, Seoul. Keith van der Burgh(Kees van der Burg) 네덜란드 'infra·Water Resources Management Department'Deputy Minister for Mobilitymeet, -Mobility between Netherlands strengthen cooperation We had time to discuss plans.


ㅇ Today’s interview was My37Rotary Electric Vehicle Symposium(4.24 to 26)attendIt was prepared at the request of the Dutch Vice Minister who visited Korea for this purpose. pater van der fleet(Peter van der Vleit) Netherlands in Korea The ambassador is also present.It was.


□ Vice Minister Baek said, “Korea and the Netherlands have made progress in the field of transportation since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1961. bracketachieve worthy growthSo that we can move forward together into the era of future mobility. Let’s continue communicating with each other


ㅇ “Netherlands Electric vehicle market size continues to growAs domestic companies are actively entering the market, in the future In distributing electric vehicles and ensuring safety cooperation between the two countries“I hope this comes true,” he said.


ㅇ Also, “We KTX-Introduction of Blue Dragon, GTX-A opening Etc railway speeding upis being promoted, and recently in the Netherlands Companies from both countries CooperationTherefore, it is a high-speed means of transportation hyperloop test shipI heard that it has been completed, and in the future Many in the railway field A.CMay it come true Expectation“I do it,” he added.


□ Accordingly, Vice Minister Keith van der Burg said that based on the 60 years of cooperation between the two countries, electric vehicles, railways, etc. mobility infrastructure Construction and research and development(R&D) Further strengthening cooperation with KoreaHe replied that he hoped it would work.


ㅇ Vice Minister Baek said, “The two countries will Mobility including autonomous driving in the field friendshipMaintain and strengthen cooperative relationships“I will do it,” he said.


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Spokesperson for Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport


Source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport