Presenting ‘Movement for All’ through Pohang Taboso Tourism!

Taboso Tourism is Pohang's customized tourist taxi service provided through the 'Taboso' app, the nation's first local taxi integrated call platform. Pohang taxi drivers who have received professional tour guide training provide customized transportation services to customers through Pohang taxi tours. As this is a customized transfer to tour Pohang's representative tourist attractions, you can discover the hidden beauty of Pohang City, and all of these experiences can be easily reserved through the Taboso app. Taboso, which 'connects each other through movement without any imbalance in movement', prepared a demonstration to once again demonstrate 'mobility for all' and become a representative example of a smart transportation city. We will bring you news from many demonstrations together below.


Taboso, Korea’s first DRT taxi integrated platform

The 'Taboso' platform is a next-generation public transportation service that started as part of the Pohang City Smart City Challenge project in 22 and is a DRT taxi integrated platform that links existing DRT transportation and taxis. It is a demand-responsive transportation method that allows users to freely move between stops established within a certain area according to their needs without buses or fixed routes. As demand-responsive transportation, it is public transportation that moves from stop to stop within a certain area without a fixed route like a bus and can be used freely according to the user's needs. This is a mobility service that increases passenger convenience and business efficiency by operating public transportation routes and dispatches flexibly. Last year, through WSCE 2023, 'Taboso' was recognized for the development and revitalization of smart city public transportation and was honored with the award in the 'Mobility' category of the World Smart City Expo Awards. The ability to use a variety of calling methods in consideration of digitally vulnerable groups was also considered the service's greatest strength, and it became a successful smart city example, garnering high praise and results from the institutional and corporate cooperation system.


Pohang customized taxi tour service, “Taboso Tour”

'Taboso Tour' is a customized taxi tour service provided by local veteran taxi drivers in Pohang who have received professional tour commentary training and can be booked through the Taboso app. Pohang City's 'Pohang Tourist Taxi' started in October 2020, and 10 taxis are currently in operation. This service was launched as the need for customized tourist transportation services for individual tourists increased due to the prolonged COVID-19. Pohang City's tourist taxi allows tourists to board a taxi wherever they want and travel to remote Pohang tourist attractions for as long as they want while listening to commentary from a professional driver. This type of tourism has recently gained great popularity among visitors to Pohang City, and has established itself as a highly satisfying tourist service. Autocrypt has established a simpler reservation system through the Taboso app, and has more convenient accessibility than existing web page reservations, making it possible to easily make mobile-based reservations at any time. Pohang City's tourist taxis serve as customized travel guides for small groups of travelers, and the use of local services and customized transportation are becoming more active through the activation of visits by overseas tourists.


Smart City Pohang and ‘Taboso Tourism’

Various participating organizations and stakeholders, including Pohang City, attended the Taboso tourist taxi demonstration despite their busy schedules. Participants showed great interest in launching the Taboso tourism brand, but also directly demonstrated their sincerity in 'mobility for all' and solving urban problems. It started with a welcoming speech from the host, followed by congratulatory and encouraging remarks from the guests. Pohang City's Deputy Mayor Jang Sang-gil attended the event and gave a lively congratulatory speech about Pohang Smart City. Pohang City Vice Mayor Jang Sang-gil expressed his intention to improve citizens' convenience in using various transportation methods and services through Pohang's Maas (Mobility as a Service), which integrates and operates various transportation methods, and to achieve coexistence with the taxi industry. Based on the promotion of various smart city industries, Pohang City is continuously and actively working to transform itself into a regional leading smart industrial model city that effectively solves urban problems and creates a smart city industrial cluster.


This was followed by a congratulatory address from POSCO Holdings Group Technology Strategy Team Leader Eom Kyeong-geun and a report on the results of the Pohang Smart City Challenge project through Leader Kim Cheon-hee. After sharing the current development status and demonstrating the service, we conveyed our commitment to operating a user-centered, substantial service by collecting opinions from various stakeholders. For Pohang Smart City, we have been preparing ways to co-exist with the participation of citizens and various companies and building a service model with high satisfaction. This is expected to improve the quality of life for Pohang citizens and enable the expansion and growth of various services for local governments. It was a highly anticipated business announcement.

Autocrypt, which directly develops Taboso and improves its services, also introduced the Taboso tourist taxi brand and service. AutoGrip Vice President Shim Sang-gyu personally introduced the app screen and emphasized which aspects have been improved to be more user-friendly through the revamped functions, and emphasized that the company will continue to improve services centered on users. In particular, through various channels, we introduced the Taboso platform that takes into consideration the mobility impaired and the convenience of drivers. We were able to demonstrate once again the ‘mobility for everyone’ that Autocrypt is creating through the Taboso tourism feature. Through the Taboso tourist taxi animation, the advantages of Taboso tourism and the charm of Pohang tourism were conveyed to invited guests more effectively and easily. In line with the upcoming travel season, it seems that many people will be able to use Taboso tourism as a travel product in Pohang City.


Creating Taboso together 

At the external event venue, commemorative photos and a cutting ceremony to commemorate the Taboso tourism launch were held. Various stakeholders came together to celebrate the launch of 'Tamboso Tourism'. Taboso Tourism, created through Pohang's Smart City Challenge main project, in which companies with excellent technology and local governments collaborate to solve urban problems, is ready to realize a futuristic city through more tourists and digitalization of mobility and tourism in Pohang. . 'Taboso Tourist Taxi Call Service' is a service within smart transportation that allows for real-time calls similar to Kakao T, such as reserving a tourist taxi through the existing phone or website, and automatic vehicle dispatch, starting around May. Active use of the service becomes possible.

Lastly, Mobiligent CEO Jeong Gyu-hong personally introduced the actual Taboso tourist taxi and conveyed the brand value of Taboso tourism through the design of the demonstrated taxi. The exterior of the Taboso taxi features Pohang's unique 'tourist elements' with a design reminiscent of Pohang's representative tourist attractions and roads, and allows Taboso tourism to be confirmed through the QR code on the road.


Source: Autocrypt