– Applications accepted from April 4th… Technology demonstration cost support of up to 29 million won per company

– Technology-site matching support through the Smart Construction Alliance, a consultative body between industry, academia, research institutes, and government

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport(Minister Park Sang-woo) 429From 3weekly "Smart Construction Alliance Technology verification support project“Participate in Enterpriseof Recruitmentdo.


ㅇ Smart Construction Alliance Technology verification support projectSmart Construction Alliance*and LinkTo commercialize smart construction technology, Demonstrate technology at actual construction sites support to seebusiness to do


* A consultative body led by smart construction-related companies and supported by academia, researchers, and the public (launched in July 23)



ㅇ Companies with smart technology, such as sprout companies (startups) and small and medium-sized companies, are conducting research at the construction sites of large and medium-sized companies. Technology demonstration costof maximum 2Ten million wonTill 10DogsBy selecting the business of 지원do.


ㅇ In this process Through the Smart Construction Alliance Between companies possessing smart technology* and companies providing construction sites matchingactive supportI plan to.


* BIM (Building Information Modeling), OSC (Off-Site Construction), construction automation, digital sensing, smart safety, big data/platform, etc.


□ Applicant companies 429()부터 517(gold)Attached to the notice until application전자 우편Submit toShould be.


ㅇ For further details, including notices, visit the Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology website (http://kict.re.kr)에서 You can check it.


Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Kim Tae-byeong, Director of Technology and Safety Policy“This is the first smart construction technology verification support project. Activation of smart constructionof priming“I expect this to happen,” he said.


ㅇ “Domestic Nurturing the smart construction industryfor 지원of enlargement“We will do it,” he said.


Source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport