― On May 5nd, Tannokwi, MOLIT, MOTIE, and Seoul City signed a business agreement (MOU) and held a conference ―

soupMinistry of Transport(Minister Park Sang-woo) announced on May 5nd 2050carbon neutralGreen Growth Committee*(hereinafter “Thannokwi”), Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy(Minister Ahn Deok-geun), Seoul(Mayor Oh Se-hoon) and Building greenhouse gas reductionFor 상호Cooperationpromising business agreementconclude.


* Co-Chairman: Prime Minister Han Deok-soo, KAIST Vice President Kim Sang-hyeop


ㅇ This time business agreementTannokwiSeoul Cityhosted by "Green building cone to respond to climate crisisPerference"It was carried out as part of (5.2)*.


* Performances and expert presentations and discussions to achieve carbon neutrality in buildings are also held in parallel.


□ The conclusion of this business agreement is '2050 carbon neutral' The key task of achieving 'of existing buildings green transition'for Related ministriesBuilding greenhouse gas reduction Policy·write down the system preparedand, The will of local governments to actively implementIt arose from the consensus that is important.


ㅇ At the conference Energy management and greenhouse gas reduction at the building use stagedirection of policies and systems for Green remodelingImproving building performance such as energy transition Discuss plans and exchange various ideas.


Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Park Sang-woosilver "Carbon neutrality in the building sectorFor Energy management of existing buildings And green building enlargementimportant“Do it,” he said.Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and TransportMinistry in charge of green architectureAs a result, new construction and existing construction are carried out together with related ministries and local governments. Green conversion of buildingsrelated to Actively promote various policies and systemsI will,” he said.


□ For more information, including presentation materials and discussion videos, visit the Tannokwi website.*It is scheduled to be published in


* 2050 Carbon Neutral Green Growth Committee website (www.2050cnc.go.kr)

Source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport