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No. 50 (2024.5.3)
Smart City Issue

“The 4th Smart City Comprehensive Plan (draft) (’24~’28)” confirmed

2024.5.1/ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport(장관 박상우)는 4월 30일 열린 국가스마트도시위원회의 심의를 거쳐 "My4Tea Smart City Comprehensive Plan(within)('24~'28)"of confirmedIt was.
Smart City Policy Project

Demonstrate smart construction technology at actual construction sites

2024.4.29 / Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport(Minister Park Sang-woo) 4월 29From 3weekly "Smart Construction Alliance Technology verification support project“Participate in Enterpriseof Recruitmentdo.

This year’s spatial information excellence project… 3 projects, including digital mud flat projects using drones and AI

2024.4.18 / Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport 
soupMinistry of Transport(Minister Park Sang-woo) said,24year space정보 Great사업 Competition and evaluation results (2.28. ~ 4.11.) Total 3excellent business selectionIt was.

Demonstrating Korean smart services in overseas cities

2024.4.17 / Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport 
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Park Sang-woo) held an event held on April 4. k-city This year's overseas demonstration target cities were selected by the Network Overseas Demonstration Project Selection Deliberation Committee. 6place*selectedIt was.
Smart City Policy Trend

Pohang City introduces ‘Movement for All’ for Taboso tourism!

2024.4.26 / AutoCrypt 
The 'Taboso' platform is a next-generation public transportation service that started as part of the Pohang City Smart City Challenge project in 22 and is a DRT taxi integrated platform that links existing DRT transportation and taxis.

Gyeonggi Province promotes the establishment of a business automation (RPA) system to improve work efficiency

2024.4.24 / Gyeonggi-do
As early as November, Gyeonggi Province will introduce a 'Robotic Process Automation (RPA) system' in which simple and repetitive administrative tasks are automatically processed by an artificial intelligence (AI) program.

Jeonbuk Self-Governing Province moves toward future digital agriculture using artificial intelligence.

2024.4.19 / Jeonbuk Special Self-Governing Province
Jeonbuk Special Self-Governing Province announced on the 426th that it had been selected for the 'AI Convergence Intelligent Agricultural Ecosystem Construction' contest project managed by the Ministry of Science and ICT and secured a total project cost of 19 billion won.

Gangneung City selected as ‘real-time signal information provision pilot city’ contest project

2024.4.19 / Gangneung City 
 Gangneung City was finally selected for the National Police Agency's “Real-time signal information provision pilot city” contest, secured 4 million won in national funds, and set out to create a space for future transportation that can provide optimal traffic information to citizens in real time. .

Yongin Special City, establishes welfare services using artificial intelligence system

2024.4.19 / Yongin Special City 
Yongin Special City (Mayor Lee Sang-il) announced on the 18th that it is building and operating an ‘AI well-being service’ using artificial intelligence technology and power and communication big data.

Gwangju City solves urban problems with artificial intelligence technology

2024.4.18 / Gwangju Metropolitan City
Gwangju City will begin development and verification support for solutions incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) technology to solve local urban problems such as traffic, safety, environment, and employment environment. Through this, the strategy is to further strengthen the status of Gwangju as an ‘artificial intelligence demonstration city’.
Smart City Special

[Global Exhibition Tour] Visit MWC 2024, the world’s largest exhibition in the mobile sector✨

2024.4.25 / KOTRA TV
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Incheon Metropolitan City spatial information platform promotional video

2024.4.22 / Smart City Incheon
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Smart City Literature

Experts’ perception of changes in everyday life and architectural space due to mobility technology

In the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it is necessary to more quickly and accurately predict changes in architectural space linked to mobility technology innovation. Architectural elements derived through experts' future prospects and predictions of architectural space should be applied as standards for the design and construction of buildings converged with mobility technology in the future, and should be treated as items to be reflected in the later institutionalization stage. 
Nam Seong-woo, Oh Min-jeong (Architectural Space Research Institute)
Smart City News
2024 Land Transport Technology Exhibition


    • Event name: 2024 Land, Infrastructure and Transport Science and Technology Exhibition
    • Date/Location: / COEX Hall B
    • Hosted by: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport
    • Organized by: Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (KAIA)
2024 Korea Drone Expo


    • Event Name: 2024 Korea Drone Expo
    • Date/Location: / Incheon Songdo Convensia
    • Host: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, Incheon Metropolitan City
    • / 02-3667-3114