‘Supporting overseas market research and business localization for promising start-ups with global competitiveness’2024 Global Accelerating (Global Market Expansion Program)We are announcing the recruitment of start-ups in the smart city field to participate in the following.


2024Year Global Accelerating(GMEP) Support business Start-up company recruitment notice


go. Recruitment period: 2024.04.29 (Mon) 18:00 ~ 2024.06.03 (Mon) 15:00

me. Selection scale: 15 companies in smart city specialization

all. How to apply: Apply online (https://www.k-startup.go.kr/web/contents/webPMSBizUnvs.do?returnUrl=/screen/BMO0101M01?pbancId=0584001)

la. Eligibility: Start-up companies with less than 7 years of experience wishing to expand overseas

* However, in accordance with Article 25 of the Small and Medium Business Startup Support Act, small and medium-sized businesses in the new industry start-up field notified by the Minister of SMEs and Startups can apply up to 10 years of business experience.

mind. Documents to be submitted: Business plan and all supporting documents

bar. Evaluation method: Review of requirements, document evaluation, presentation evaluation, etc.

buy. Support details: Global accelerating program, overseas expansion funds

1) Global accelerating program (domestic and overseas, scheduled to operate for more than 6 weeks)

2) Overseas expansion funds (travel expenses, exhibition participation fees) 2 million won

ah. Contact information: Smart City Association, the global accelerating organization (070-5158-0362)

ruler. Reference link: https://me2.do/Fqi8dlXQ


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