In accordance with Article 27 of the Act on Smart City Creation and Industrial Promotion, etc.2024Smart city innovative technology discovery project」In order to select the target, the following announcement is made.

1. Project Overview

ㅇBusiness name: 2024 Smart City Innovation Technology Discovery Project

ㅇBusiness purpose: By discovering and demonstrating challenging and innovative technologies in the private sector, we support early commercialization of innovative technologies and market development by securing empirical cases.

ㅇSupport scale: A total of KRW 3 billion in support for 4 to 12.5 technologies (government subsidy)

* Depending on the evaluation result, the number of final selections and the scale of support may change.


2. Target

ㅇTarget technology: Innovative technologies and products in the smart city field have been developed, but their introduction is risky or requires verification of effectiveness.

ㅇApplicant: Private companies with innovative technologies and products related to smart cities form a consortium with demand sources (local governments, public institutions) and apply.

* Private companies can participate jointly with other companies or universities.


3. How to apply

ㅇSubmission date: From Wednesday, May 2024, 5 to 29:2024 on Friday, June 6, 7

ㅇ Place of submission: Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (KAIA) Smart City Industry Support Center

ㅇ How to submit: Submit email as electronic document

ㅇ Documents to submit:

① 1 copy of the original application document (list of submitted documents 1)

② 2 copy of the contest application form (list of submitted documents 1)

③ 3 copy of business plan (Korean file submission, list of submission documents 1)

④ Other submitted documents (list of submitted documents 4 to 18) 1 set

※ Submission address and contact information

ㅇ(Address) 286, Simin-daero, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do,
Smart City Industrial Support Center, 7th floor, Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (KAIA)

ㅇ (In charge) Senior researcher Hohyeon Choi (031-389-6575,


4. Selection procedure and selection criteria : Refer to the competition guidelines (attached)


5. Notice

ㅇ Only items arriving by the deadline on the submission date are valid, and items arriving after that time are excluded from evaluation.

ㅇ After the announcement of the selection result, if it is confirmed that the selection has been made through illegal methods, such as forging, altering, or falsely filling out all or part of the submitted documents, the selection may be cancelled.

ㅇ Documents received during the application period will not be returned.

ㅇ All disadvantages caused by misrepresentation or omission in the submitted documents or inability to contact the applicant are considered to be the responsibility of the applicant.

ㅇFor further details, please contact the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport’s Urban Economy Department (044-201-4846, 3737) or Supporting organizationPlease contact *.


* Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (KAIA) Senior Researcher Hohyeon Choi (031-389-6575,


▶Download the notice on 「24 Smart City Plan Innovative Technology Discovery Project」

▶Download the 「24 Smart City Plan Innovative Technology Discovery Project」 announcement guidelines