– Land, Infrastructure and Transport Technology Fair at COEX starting on the 15th... A variety of things to see, including experiences and sightseeing

-An international cooperation seminar was also held to explore joint research directions to promote world-leading R&D.

□ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Park Sang-woo) is providing a platform where future leading technologies can be found in one place. 2024 National Land Transportation Technology Competition(hereinafter referred to as Technology Competition) 5 15()부터 3Daily Held*.


* '24.5.15.~5.17. (Opening Ceremony: 5.16 10:00~), COEX Hall B, Seoul

(Host) Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Host) Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (KAIA)


technology competitionMy2Tea Comprehensive Plan for Land, Infrastructure, Transport, Science and Technology Research and DevelopmentPublished in (2023-2032) 12STAR program* Centered on land transportation All fieldsof research resultsShowcasing all in one place Korea's largest Exhibition이다.


* Strategic Technologies and Advanced Research


ㅇ This year 'Innovative Challenge, challengethe beginning of·innovationdeparture of'On the topic, divinityconductivity, industrial impact equipped with back Exhibiting key research resultsdo.


- 220dog participating organizationsin 8Large theme hallBy configuring * 300dozen boothoperates.


* Research and Development (R&D) Plus Hall, Smart SOC Hall, National Life Safety Hall, Mobility Hall, Future Aviation Hall, Carbon Neutral Hall, Industrial Development Hall, Technology Certification Hall


ㅇ Visitors urban air traffic(UAM), Autonomous driving, smart building, Smart Construction in the field of land and transportation, etc. various technologieshow Experience for yourself how it can change our livesYou can have a chance to try it.


<8Large theme hall composition(within)>

□ Visitors urban air traffic(AMU), level4 level of self-driving carvirtual experienceNot only can you do this, but you will also play an active role as a safety guard at the construction site. quadrupedal robotand railway Autonomous cargo transport robots, etc. You can also meet future technologies in advance have.


ㅇ The Future Aviation Pavilion will showcase the UAM virtual integrated operation simulator (developed by Korea Aerospace Research Institute). Also called “drone taxi” UAMvirtual operating course of See for yourselfcan do.


– As drone taxis are a means of transportation through the sky, a sophisticated and safe operating system is essential. The visitors UAM simulationrater Develop safety scenarios through And Operation status My back See for yourselfcan do.


ㅇ At the Industrial Development Center, you can also see the SUPER-BRT (S-BRT)* double-door articulated bus, called the ‘subway on the road.’


* It is an advanced version of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system, has 6 doors and a maximum length of 18m.


- Land, Infrastructure and Transport Research and Development Project representative success caseIt is currently in operation in Sejong City, and inquiries for introduction are continuing in other regions.


– S-BRT is an eco-friendly, low-floor articulated bus that can be conveniently used even by the transportation vulnerable, and is much more efficient than subway construction. low costto Safely and quickly more number of peopleThe strength is that you can do it.


ㅇ In the mobility hall, 3After successful opening in March, Runs stablydoing GTX-A Also applied to route construction TBM* For tunnel reinforcement bogie equipmentexhibitiondo.

* TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine): A method of crushing rock by pressure by rotating a cutter head equipped with multiple disk cutters. Compared to the existing NATM (New Austrian Tunneling Method) method, called the blasting method, there is almost no noise and vibration. doesn't exist


– Compared to the existing construction method (NATM), which requires explosive blasting of gunpowder, it produces less noise and vibration, and is characterized by securing constructability and safety in underground passage sections of downtown areas such as reconstruction.


ㅇ In addition, a variety of facilities are available, ranging from multi-purpose modular buildings that can quickly install negative pressure wards and screening clinics in the event of an infectious disease outbreak, solar-powered soundproof walls, and 3D passenger carry-on baggage security screening equipment. National life innovation type National Land Transportation TechnologyYou can view.


□ On the second day of the technology competition (5.16), “Global Build Up 2024”International cooperation seminar with the themeopens.


ㅇ To share world-leading research and development (R&D) and corporate support policies Special lecturePanel discussion on ways to promote international joint researchIt also continues.


ㅇ Also, Smart City Regulatory Sandbox Briefing Sessionincluding Innovative technologies by topic class presentation Research results and Share your achievementsand strengthen your networkWe also hold seminars to do this.


– Essential for corporate support finance·투자·Development support policyguide you, successful Sharing experiences with entrepreneurs Land, Infrastructure and Transport Corporate Support Theme School, Land transportation Investment Assistance Council, Orderer briefing session etc. are also presented.


□ Meanwhile, on the first day of the technology competition (5.15), those who applied for pre-participation ·medium·high school student family 대상to 'Land transportation R & D camp' Pre-release eventto hold


Visit the exhibitionOf course, there are skills competitions, mission bingo, quatrains, etc. various eventsField experience programYou can participate in



ㅇ The main schedule and detailed program of the technology competition can be found on the official website LITT 2024*. * www.littfair.kr


Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Park Sang-woo said: “Please come to the Land, Infrastructure and Transport Technology Fair. Promoted by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Future leading technology“I hope you can meet in advance,” he said.


ㅇ “In the future, in connection with major policies in the field of land and transportation, Innovationconductivity, industrial impactTo actively foster core technologies in the field of land and transportation, and to achieve this, Talented companies and researchers taking on challenging tasks“We will also strive to create a research environment where researchers can focus on their research,” he added.


Source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport