– Held in Gongju for two days starting May 5th… The skills of all cadastral survey workers, including civil servants representing 16 cities and provinces across the country, LX, private industry, and future college students, compete in one place.

□ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Park Sang-woo) held a 5-day '20242018 National Land Information Challenge pointed out-drone surveying Competition'cast 개최do.


ㅇ Starting this year cadastral survey* And drone surveying** Competitionintegrated It is held.


* (Cadastral survey) A survey to demarcate a parcel, which is the registration unit of land, and accurately establish boundaries to determine the limits of real rights (ownership) to the land.


** (Drone Survey) Establishment of the “Drone Cadastral Survey Regulations” to apply new technology to cadastral surveying to enable rapid and safe remote surveying and use of drone technology for cadastral surveying (August 23.8)

– Selected through preliminary rounds by local governments across the country local government officialsKorean national informationconstruction(hereinafter LX) and private industry Not only employees but also future talents College studentparticipating for the first time, Everyone involved in cadastral surveying participates.The first competition was held.


□ The competition is cadastral survey, drone surveying, detailed survey 3Dog fieldIt is divided into two parts.


ㅇ Representatives of 17 cities and provinces 지자체 public official, LX 13 regional headquarters and private industry workers, 8universitiesDepartment of Intellectual Science Total including enrolled students 2508 people participateddo.


cadastral surveyChecking the buildings and land boundaries of the site Accuracy and speed of survey results Etc Evaluate content applicable to practicedo.

drone surveyingdrone video shootingThe process of extracting the boundaries of land and buildings and the survey results New technology Evaluate your ability to utilizedo.


Student division conducted for the first time this yearis the minimum field observation required to acquire national technical qualification (engineer). Evaluate detailed surveying technologywill do


□ On the first day of the competition (5.16), the Intellectual Museum Preview And Digital twin(DigitalTwin) special lectureThere will be this. -Director of provincial cadastral affairs department Meetings are also heldI plan to.


ㅇ An awards ceremony will be held on the second day (May 5.17). Surveys, etc. were conducted in compliance with cadastral regulations, resulting in a high evaluation score. 14dog team(Civil servants, LX, private industry) and College student 5persons each to back Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Minister's Award LX President's Award, Korea Spatial Information Industry Association President’s Award Etc 19Award a dotdo.


< '242018 National Land Information Challenge pointed out-Drone Surveying Contest' Award scale>



□ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Director Park Geon-soo of National Land Information Policy said, “Through this cadastral survey competition, cadastral survey workerfield Your work performance goes up to the next levelstanding To the people faster and more accurate High-quality land administration services“We expect that this will be an opportunity to provide .”


Source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport