-5.14. 15:00 Launching ceremony held in the first floor of City Hall... Mayor Park Hyeong-jun, city council chairman, city superintendent of education, BNK Financial Group chairman, etc. attended.

-The key is to provide various public services, such as policy funds, on one platform based on ‘digital citizenship’… Available through the Dongbaekjeon app starting today (14th)

-Mayor Park Hyeong-jun said, “In the main project that will be officially launched later, we will expand Busan’s various differentiated public services so that Busan citizens can enjoy various benefits.”

□ Busan City (Mayor Park Hyeong-jun) announced that it will launch the service at a launch ceremony for the ‘Blockchain-based integrated citizen platform pilot project’ at the first floor of City Hall at 14pm today (3th).

○ Mayor Park Hyeong-jun, City Council Chairman Ahn Seong-min, City Superintendent of Education Ha Yun-soo, and BNK Financial Group Chairman Bindae-in will attend today’s event.

○ The event will be held in the following order: ▲greetings and congratulatory remarks ▲introduction of the integrated citizen platform pilot project ▲issuance and delivery of the first digital citizenship card ▲delivery of multi-child education support points ▲watching the citizen platform support video ▲touching the open button ▲comemorative photo.


□ ‘Blockchain-based integrated citizen platform’ is a digital public platform that integrates financial, private, and public services using blockchain technology, and is a project that Busan City is leading to take the lead in the public service platform market.


□ The core of this project is to provide various public services, such as policy funding support, based on the issuance of a 'digital citizenship card' that enables DID*-based identity authentication through a non-face-to-face qualification verification service.

* DID (Decentralized Identity): An electronic identification system that manages identity information by distributing it to individual devices.


□ The main services are ▲Digital Citizenship Card (blockchain-based digital identity verification) ▲Policy funding support (multi-child education support points, cultural pass full of youth) ▲15-minute city living area map (providing information on public facilities and events around individual living areas based on the map) ) ▲15-minute city sharing community (Busan theme news, public facility information/reservation, citizen communication bulletin board), etc., providing integrated services that citizens can use all on one platform.

○ In particular, if you use the policy fund support service among the services, you can easily use everything from application to use of policy funds in one mobile app (one-stop). Policy funds include 'Multi-child Education Support Points' (2 won for two children, 30 won for three or more children) provided to families with multiple children, and 'Youth Points', which provide the benefit of watching cultural performances for 3 won up to 50 won to young people living in Busan. There is a '1 Won Culture Pass', the 'Multi-child Education Support Points' can be used from May 11th, and the 'Youth 5 Won Culture Pass' can be used from July 20st.

○ In addition, the '15-minute city living area map' divides Busan into 62 living areas and provides map-based information on public facilities, allowing easy reservations for education/lectures at nearby public facilities and free communication and opinions between communities. This is a groundbreaking service that we can offer.


□ The ‘Integrated Citizen Platform’ service can be used through the Dongbaekjeon app starting today (14th). The city plans to verify the effects of this pilot project in advance and promote the main project this year as a private investment software project (profit-making business method*) to build a platform with ease of use that is no different from that of the private sector. .

* This is a business method that recovers the entire project cost through business profits, and the project is promoted after an eligibility investigation by the National Science and Technology Agency (NIA).


□ Mayor Park Hyeong-jun said, “Our city is trying to make the daily lives of citizens more convenient by first introducing various innovative technologies such as blockchain,” and added, “Based on this pilot project, the ‘Integrated Citizens’ plan to be officially launched later. “The ‘Platform’ will further expand Busan’s differentiated public services so that Busan citizens can enjoy various benefits,” he said.


Source: Busan Metropolitan City