– Special lecture on ‘Improving working methods using generative AI’ for 14 employees on the 300th –

Sejong Special Self-Governing City (Mayor Choi Min-ho) is using generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology to improve the way people work and improve the efficiency of administrative work for public officials.


On the 14th, the city held a special lecture on 'Improving working methods using generative AI' in the Women's Room for 300 city hall officials and employees of city-affiliated organizations.


Shin Dong-hyeong, head of strategic planning at Rsupport, a global leading remote solution company, was a special lecturer on this day and introduced ▲Generative AI trends ▲Writing reports using Claude 3 ▲How to write press releases and speech materials using ChatGPT, etc. .


In particular, the enthusiasm of public officials for the use of AI was confirmed as the number of attendees for the special lecture exceeded expectations.


Secretary Yoo Tae-ho, who attended the training, said, “I was convinced that if I did not follow the trend of the AI ​​era like in the past when I introduced the Internet, Hangul, and Excel, I would be left behind,” and added, “Continuous support is needed to expand employees’ use of AI in the future.” He said.


In order to prevent side effects from using generative AI and expand the use of ChatGPT and Claude 3, the city plans to prepare a guide to using generative AI and strengthen AI utilization training for public officials through monthly informatization training.


In addition, starting in the second half of the year, we plan to collaborate with Korea's top artificial intelligence company to provide ▲ ultra-large artificial intelligence utilization and practical training ▲ customized consultation for service planning and discovery ▲ administrative services utilizing the ultra-large artificial intelligence platform.


Executive Mayor Kim Ha-gyun said, “We will continue to promote innovation in administrative work using various new digital technologies,” and added, “We plan to expand benefits, such as supporting ChatGPT subscription fees, for employees who take the lead in improving work methods using AI.”


Source: Sejong Special Self-Governing City