– Demonstration support for robot delivery at LH Housing Performance Research and Development Center starting in June and later at LH rental housing, etc.

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport(Minister Park Sang-woo) and Korea Land & Housing Corporation(CEO Lee Han-jun, hereinafter LH) is working to develop robot delivery technology in apartment complexes. Demonstration within step-by-step apartment complexesof 지원do.


ㅇ In the meantime civilianrobot delivery Technologydevelops rapidlyWe have tried it, but it is difficult to secure a test bed (apartment house). Development of robot delivery service in apartment complexOn Limitthere was


– Accordingly, MOLIT, LH, and Korea Integrated Logistics Association Demonstration support for robot delivery in apartment complexesfor someone business agreement(MOU) was signed (April 4.23), and thereafter follow-up discussionVia Specific empirical support planhas been prepared.


ㅇ First, 6From March A residential environment-related technology development and experiment facility LH Housing performance researchdevelopment centerApartment housing experiment buildingrobot delivery Verification test bedProvided as.


– Accordingly, robot companies An environment similar to the actual delivery locationfor simulation in cartography(mapping), 로봇-Communication linkage between elevators, indoor horizontal·Perpendicular이동 Various technologies can be demonstrated, such as:


ㅇ Also, actual apartment complexin substantiationof 지원In order to LHof robot companies Specific empirical needs(region, period, technology level), and coincidencedoing LH rental house Back testbedusesWe plan to actively support this to make it happen.


Meanwhile, MOLIT522 Afternoon at LH Housing Performance Research and Development Center (Sejong) LH, Korea Integrated Logistics Association, robot company 8placewith Round-table conference개최do.


ㅇ In the future, the industry problemsof listeningand to expand the service. Support plan to discuss etc. Robot delivery service every quarter·government council개최I plan to.


LH Housing performance research and development center, rental housing, etc. Use of testbed, ·government council 참여 Robot companies wishing to Korea Integrated Logistics AssociationYou can apply through .


□ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Jihong Park, Director of Transportation and Logistics“New technologies have emerged due to the development of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and robots.” Robot delivery servicein our daily lifeprivate sector so that it can be settled in continuous communicationand 지원“I will not spare any effort,” he said.


Source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport