– Discussed cooperation plans with the Saudi Minister of Data and Artificial Intelligence on the 24th –


□ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Park Sang-woo) held a conference at the National Land Development Exhibition Hall on the afternoon of May 5th. Abdullah bin Sharaf Al Ghamdi(Abdullah bin Sharaf Alghamdi) met with the Saudi Minister of Data and Artificial Intelligence* and discussed ways to cooperate in the smart city field between Korea and Saudi Arabia.


* Saudi Data and AI Authority (SDAIA) / Established in August 19.8 / Agency directly under Crown Prince Mohammed and Prime Minister


ㅇ The meeting was arranged at the request of Saudi Arabian Minister of Data and Artificial Intelligence, Abdullah bin Sharaf Al Ghamdi, who visited Korea to attend the ministerial session of the AI ​​Seoul Summit held on May 5.


ㅇ Saudi Arabia is working to increase government efficiency and solve urban problems. major government 서비스For Digitizationis being promoted. In particular, with regard to the smart city field, we have been leading the way in promoting smart city development. Korean government and institutionsEnterprisefield Smart city platform, Governance construction example We are looking forward to cooperation in areas such as:


□ Korea and Saudi Arabia have maintained diplomatic ties for over 1962 years since the establishment of diplomatic ties in 60. Construction and infrastructure fieldWe have been cooperating around Key Partner Countriesam. In particular, with the visit of Crown Prince and Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia to Korea in November 22 and the state visit to Saudi Arabia in October 23, cooperation between the two countries went beyond traditional infrastructure. Smart city Etc Expanding into new industrial fields이다.


ㅇ The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport will pursue close cooperation between companies and institutions of the two countries in the future. Smart city, Digital Twin meaningful in various projects such as follow-up performanceWe plan to strengthen cooperation to create .


□ Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Park Sang-woo said, “Korea and Korean companies Excellent ICT Technologybased on Various smart servicesapplied Smart citycreated know-howexperience“With this abundance, there will be many opportunities for cooperation,” he said.

ㅇ this year 9wall kintexscheduled to be held in World Smart City ExpoBy attending Exchange and cooperation in the smart city fieldof enforcewhich opportunityIt was proposed to create a .


□ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport My1Above countries receiving overseas construction ordersBased on our strong cooperation in the energy and infrastructure fields with Saudi Arabia, the largest trading partner in the Middle East, Smart city, Digital Twin Based on cutting-edge smart technologies such as partnershipWe plan to continue to expand.


Source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport