– License plate recognition smart tolling pilot project at 28 toll booths including Daewangpangyo from the 9th

-Vehicles without Hi-Pass can enter and exit the Hi-Pass lane without stopping.

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport(Minister Park Sang-woo) and Korea Expressway Corporation(President Ham Jin-gyu) said, ‘To improve the efficiency of highway operation,License plate recognition method smart tolling* Promote a ‘pilot project’.


* Non-stop toll collection system using cutting-edge technologies such as wireless communication (Hi-Pass) and license plate recognition


ㅇ Currently, highway tolls are paid through Hi-Pass or on-site payment. For on-site storage Acceleration/deceleration, high pass, and lane change between on-site storage lanes And so on traffic jamThis is a situation that occurs.


ㅇ Also, Drivers who do not use Hi-Pass due to unexpected circumstances cash Or if you do not have your wallet, etc. To pay tolls tollgate visit 또는 Pay after receiving the unpaid bill Etc There was discomfort.


□ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport 528부터 1Year Some sections*to License plate recognition method Non-stop toll payment pilot projectpromote.


* (Gyeongbu Line) Daewangpangyo / (Namhae Line) Seoyeongam, Gangjinmuwisa, Jangheung, Boseong, Beolgyo, Goheung, Namsuncheon, Suncheon Bay


ㅇ In the pilot project section, Vehicles without Hi-Pass Use the high-pass lane Pass through the toll booth without stoppingDo it.


* Hi-pass and on-site storage lanes will be operated in the same manner as currently and a pilot project will be promoted.


Toll fees for vehicles using license plate recognition lanes are You can choose to pay using a credit card pre-registration method or a voluntary payment method.

Credit card pre-registration method If you register your license plate number and credit card* in advance on the Korea Expressway Corporation toll website (www.hipass.co.kr) or the toll app, tollgate When passing With registered credit card Automatic payment method이다.


* Credit cards available for registration: Hyundai, Hana, Shinhan, Nonghyup, Kookmin, BC, Samsung, Lotte


Voluntary payment method After the operation date 15within daysKorea Expressway Corporation Toll website·

  • call center(1588-2504)·National toll boothdirectly from payThis is the way to do it.


- 15days elapsed in the city non-paymentprocessed by mail or text message. The branch office sentdo.

ㅇ Tolls that require verification of whether a person of national merit or the disabled is on board reduction 대상 차량In case of existing On-site storage laneor use the discount terminal as is currently the case. Hi-pass carYou can use


– Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport is conducting a pilot project Can be used as a license plate recognition vehicle measuresWe plan to prepare.


Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Kim Sang-min, Digital Road Team Leader“During the pilot project, we will closely analyze customer inconveniences, video processing stability, etc. and continue to make improvements,” he said.


Source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport