2024 World Smart City Expo(World Smart City Expo 2024)is a world where governments, companies, and experts in the smart city field come together to draw the city of the future. The largest smart city event in the Asia Pacific region.

At this event, various programs such as conferences, side events, business events and exhibitions will be held, and the WSCE 2024 Secretariat will Reflects the latest trends in smart citiesand Domestic and foreign experts have experience and A place to share knowledgeIn preparation for this, we are recruiting host organizations to participate in the conference.

Join us at the WSCE 2024 conference Smart city related Institutions and departments·Association, Active interest and participation of companies wish.


□ WSCE event overview

ㅇ (Period) September 2024 (Tuesday) ~ September 9 (Thursday), 3

ㅇ (Location) KINTEX Exhibition Hall 1, Halls 3,4,5, 2, and 3 or conference rooms on the XNUMXnd and XNUMXrd floors

ㅇ (Host) Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, Ministry of Science and ICT

ㅇ (Organized by) LH, K-water, KINTEX, Smart City Association


□ Conference contest details


WSCE 2024 Conference Contest Overview

ㅇ (Application Qualifications) Smart city-related organizations, government/local governments, schools/associations, companies, etc.

ㅇ (Format) Free format (presentation, panel discussion, talk show, etc.), limited to 2 hours per conference (maximum 3 hours)

ㅇ (Field) Select one out of four agendas

– Sustainable spatial model / AI, data-centered city infrastructure construction / Creation of a private-friendly industrial ecosystem / Smart city global cooperation


Scope of support by conference


– The conference is planned and operated with its own budget, but if support for invitation costs to secure key speakers is needed, separate consultation is held with the WSCE operation secretariat.

– Speakers selected through open contest can be placed and utilized through future consultation with the secretariat.

– The conference will be held in the conference rooms on the 1nd and 2rd floors of KINTEX Exhibition Hall 3 or in the conference halls located in halls 3, 4, and 5.


Application Form

ㅇ (Applicant) Each organization can host alone or jointly.

ㅇ (Application period) June 2024, 6 (Fri) ~ 14. Until 6:28 on the 18th (Fri)

ㅇ (How to apply) Fill out the participation application form and submit it by email (info@worldsmartcityexpo.com)

ㅇ (Inquiries) info@worldsmartcityexpo.com, 031-738-3359


4 Announcement of contest results

ㅇ Notification via individual email to conference representatives

The purpose of the conference applied for is the event., Conformity to the conference topic and whether or not the topic overlaps, It may not be selected depending on conditions such as available space..

– Additional materials may be requested in addition to the information provided in the application for selection of the contest conference.

Future schedule information for selected conferences will be announced separately.


Externally disclosed content

ㅇ All information entered in the application form will only be used as reference material for conference assignment until the presentation plan is confirmed and will not be disclosed to outside parties without prior consent.

ㅇ After selecting the presenter and confirming the timetable, the presenter's photo, affiliation, name, biography, conference title, and introduction materials will be disclosed for external media promotion, etc., so please be as specific as possible.



ㅇ Conference content will be planned on an offline basis, but may be canceled or converted online depending on the situation.

ㅇ The WSCE operation secretariat allocates the date, time and location of each conference.

ㅇ Conference participants need to promote themselves using domestic and international networks

ㅇ (Homepage address): www.worldsmartcityexpo.com


▶Download the contest guide

▶Download the contest application form