technical report

The data-based smart city innovation model, a research outcome of the Smart City Innovation Growth Engine Project, will evolve into a digital platform for city management. A technical report has been published so that the research results of this project can be used for sustainable development and smart city implementation in Korean cities. In addition, we have included system engineering techniques and design thinking references that can be helpful when carrying out smart city projects in the future to serve as a reference.

Part 1
Smart city data hub basic technology
  • Development of open data hub and basic technology through innovation growth engine project
  • Urban problem-solving, business-creating data hub model and use cases
Part 2
Smart city service
  • Smart transportation, safety services: smart mobility, parking sharing, safety platform, emergency rescue, integrated facility management
  • Smart environment, energy, living welfare services: fine dust, urban energy, total care for seniors living alone, mobility for the disabled
Part 3
Smart City Living Lab
  • Daegu Demonstration City: Operation of a living lab to solve urban problems
  • Siheung Demonstration City: Business Creation Living Lab Operation
  • Design Thinking Reference Model Guidebook
  • Smart City Project SE Application Plan

Part 1 Smart city data hub and underlying technology

Download Part 1
Volume 1Smart city open data hub architectureDownloadable
Separate 1 COVID-19 Epidemiological Investigation Support System PoCDownloadable
Volume 2Urban problem-solving data hub model - Daegu empirical cityDownloadable
Appendix 1 Convergence Service Case - Bus Route Analysis ServiceDownloadable
Supplementary Volume 2 Convergence Service Case - Safety 2.0Downloadable
Volume 3Business creation data hub model - Siheung demonstration cityDownloadable
Appendix 1 Data Marketplace Use CasesDownloadable
Volume 4Smart city project management and verificationDownloadable
Volume 5Ultra-scale real-time IoT infrastructure and networkDownloadable
Volume 6Digital twin-based disaster safety and energy service virtualizationDownloadable

Part 2 Smart City Services

Download Part 2
Volume 1[Transportation] Smart mobilityDownloadable
Volume 2[Transportation] Parking sharing platformDownloadable
Volume 3[Safety] Safety platform and disaster serviceDownloadable
Volume 4[Safety] Emergency rescue serviceDownloadable
Volume 5[Urban administration] 5D integrated facility management serviceDownloadable
Volume 6[Urban Administration] Crowdsourcing PortalDownloadable
Volume 7[Environment] Fine dust environmental platformDownloadable
Volume 8[Energy] Urban energy efficiency serviceDownloadable
Volume 9[Life Welfare] Total care system for seniors living aloneDownloadable
Volume 10[Life Welfare] Mobility Guarantee System for the DisabledDownloadable

Part 3 Smart City Living Lab

Download Part 3
Volume 1Operation of an urban problem-solving living lab - Daegu demonstration cityDownloadable
(Separate Volume 1) Intelligent traffic safety and traffic control solutionDownloadable
(Separate Volume 2) Energy Eco DashboardDownloadable
(Appendix 3) Sustainable road dust automatic collection facilityDownloadable
(Separate Volume 4) Artificial Intelligence Intelligent Resource Circulation RobotDownloadable
(Supplementary Volume 5) Modular autonomous wheelchair systemDownloadable
Volume 2Operating a business-creating living lab - Siheung demonstration cityDownloadable
(Separate volume 1) Fine dust LiDAR scanning serviceDownloadable
(Separate volume 2) Smart daycare center modelDownloadable
(Separate Volume 3) Blockchain-based electronic citizenship certificate MetaverseDownloadable
(Separate Volume 4) Integrated cleaning service management systemDownloadable
(Supplementary Volume 5) Global youth network applicationDownloadable
(Supplementary Volume 6) Smart public toilet with reduced odor substancesDownloadable

attached document

Download the appendix
1Design Thinking ReferenceDownloadable
2System EngineeringDownloadable