Jeju Island promotes use of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and convenience by expanding


- Provincial government amends 「Ordinance on Promotion of Electric Vehicle Distribution and Promotion of Use of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province」 Ordinance on Promotion and Promotion of Use” is amended and promulgated and enforced for 30 days. ❍ This revision of the Ordinance is based on the 「Act on Promotion of Development and Distribution of Eco-Friendly Vehicles」 (abbreviation: Eco-friendly Vehicles Act) and the same enforcement decree [...]

Gyeongsangnam-do produces 37 young entrepreneurs specializing in smart farms


- Opening the first completion ceremony for the 20-month course of the Smart Farm Innovation Valley Youth Startup Incubation Center - Encouraging the awarding of certificates of completion and outstanding trainees listed by the provincial governor under the name of MAFRA It was announced that the first graduation ceremony was held in Gyeongnam Smart Farm Innovation Valley. The 'Smart Farm Youth Startup Incubation Center Education Curriculum' hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and operated by the Gyeongnam Agricultural Resources Management Service provides 29 young people between the ages of 10 and 1 each year [...]

Gyeonggi-do, a transparent LED display attached to a bus window. Public information and commercial advertisements can be transmitted


- Approval of special case for demonstration of 'bus window digital signage advertisement' consulted by Gyeonggi-do ○ Ministry of Science and ICT 22nd New Technology and Service Deliberation Committee held and special case approval - Bus window digital signage using transparent LED display (Co., Ltd.) Changseong Sheet) ○ Support for selection of regulatory sandbox projects through customized consulting for provinces and related companies. 'Bus window digital signage advertisement', which displays public information and commercial advertisements by attaching a transparent LED display to the side window of the bus, is [. ..]

Jeju Island, Digital Transformation for Realization and Utilization of Artificial Intelligence 'Step by Step'


- Ministry of Science and Technology selected 6 tasks in 11 fields of AI learning data construction project… Securing national budget of 162 billion won -  Jeju Special Self-Governing Province applied for the '2022 artificial intelligence learning data construction project', and as a result, 6 fields and 11 tasks were finally selected, and about 162 billion won was supported by the government.  This project is being promoted by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Intelligent Information Society Promotion Agency for the purpose of innovation and job creation in all industries through the establishment and opening of data for artificial intelligence learning. [...]

Seoul to start building an artificial intelligence big data platform for data-based administrative innovation


- Establishment of a system for collecting, searching, and analyzing administrative data that can be used jointly without divisional divisions - Implementation of user-friendly predictive administration through natural language-based data search and artificial intelligence analysis - Implementation of data-based administration through virtual convergence view of population and maximize utilization of policies such as economy and housing Expectations □ The Seoul Metropolitan Government can jointly use the city's administrative data without divisional divisions, and non-experts can easily understand and use [...]

Seoul to solve the manpower shortage for IoT (Internet of Things) technology in G Valley, the largest cluster of small and medium-sized venture companies


- Curriculum that reflects city and corporate needs, incumbent IoT company executive-level instructors… Company-tailored talent cultivation - Job seeker talent cultivation - incumbent competency enhancement Two-track operation, training a total of 22 people in the second half of '80 - Mentoring with HR and technology managers of companies that want to be hired, Job matching day, etc. □ Seoul is the largest cluster of small and medium-sized venture companies in Korea, and 1/3 of the IoT (Internet of Things) related businesses in Seoul are [...]

Gongju City, MOPAS 'Digital Town Creation Project' Selected


- Building a smart senior center that connects health, information, and culture by investing 10 billion won said. (Image provided) This contest was carried out to improve the quality of life of residents while solving problems such as a decrease in the local population through the establishment of services using information and communication technology (ICT). 2022 out of 17 local governments in depopulated areas across the country participated in the [...]

Dreaming of the future city, let's imagine to our heart's content in Metaverse


- On the 27th, an open call plan for the public was announced... Awarded at the September World Smart City Expo - □ The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport is holding the “Metaverse Smart City Idea Contest” (hereinafter referred to as “idea”) to discover creative services and technologies in the smart city field and increase public interest from June 27. contest'). ㅇ Anyone from all over the country can participate in this idea contest, which implements a smart city future image containing solutions to urban problems on the metaverse platform, and a total of 18 cases will be selected and awarded. [...]

Cheonan City, Cheonan Station Area Urban Regeneration New Deal Project, Pedestrian Environment Improvement Completed


- Installation of sidewalk blocks, heat pillars, sidewalk copper plates and replacement of LED lights to create a theme street Cheonan City announced on the 13th that it had completed the pedestrian environment improvement work near the entrance to Cheonan West Station, which was promoted from April 27th as part of the Cheonan Station Area Urban Regeneration New Deal Project. The Cheonan Station Area Urban Regeneration New Deal project, which started construction in 2018, is promoting various unit projects such as the Urban Regeneration Harmony Center, Campus Town, Central Street Renovation, and Smart Water Park. Among them, 'Maintaining a Central Street' is a project to improve the pedestrian environment around Cheonan Seobu Station and create theme streets. The city is West Station [...]

MOLIT discovers excellent smart cities and services through certification system


- Starting from June 28, local governments, etc. open competition … City/Service Certification around September - □Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Hee-Ryong Won Won) held a '22 smart city/service certification contest for local governments and businesses to discover and certify best practices for smart cities on June 28. from about two months. □ Certification is a project promoted in accordance with the Smart City Act, and is divided into smart city certification and smart service certification. ㅇ Smart city certification aims to evaluate whether local governments have sufficient capabilities as a smart city [...]

Gyeongsangnam-do to nurture smart talents by collaborating with the private sector!


- Gyeongsangnam-do-Bit Education Center, nurturing experts in information and communication technology and software - On the 27th, Gyeongnam Technopark held an opening ceremony and added a 6-month training course started - Nurturing talented people who can be put into the field immediately after hiring The opening ceremony of the ‘Information and Communication Technology Professional Training Course’ was held and training began in earnest. Gyeongsangnam-do, in response to the demand of local information and communication technology and software companies that “there is a shortage of professional manpower in information and communication technology and software in the province,” is focusing on nurturing smart factory experts in the province to solve the labor shortage and job imbalance [...]

Daejeon City, Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center Performance Evaluation 'A' Grade


- Performance evaluation of smart manufacturing innovation centers in 19 regions nationwide... Secured KRW 2021 million in government funding It was announced that it was selected as an excellent institution (grade A) in the region. ㅇ The performance evaluation of the Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center was conducted based on selection and agreement criteria, achievement compared to goals, and center operation performance items. ㅇ In this evaluation, the Daejeon Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center was the smart factory [...]

Daegu City, job-related 'artificial intelligence education' 8:1 high competition


- Supporting 25 people to recruit 196 people for online artificial intelligence training As the demand for artificial intelligence education increases, Daegu AI Hub, supported by Daegu City and the Ministry of Science and ICT, and operated by Kyungpook National University Advanced Information and Communication Convergence Industrial Technology Institute, recruited students for the 'online artificial intelligence education' course. With a capacity of 99 and 25 applicants, about 196 [...]

Sejong City Applying Artificial Intelligence to Elevator Safety


- Selected as a public contest for local problem solving project using science and technology in 2022 - - Supporting citizen safety using intelligent image analysis within Doram Village 7 - A system to support citizen safety through intelligent image analysis will be implemented in Sejong Special Self-Governing City. On the 2022th, the 'elevator crime prevention service through intelligent image analysis' was finally selected in the '26 Science and Technology Utilization Resident Sympathy for Local Problem Solving Project' contest jointly hosted by the Ministry of the Interior and Safety and the Ministry of Science and ICT. said. The contest is a project that utilizes science and technology in every aspect of the lives of residents [...]

Gangwon-do Selected as a project to support the creation of an industrial ecosystem for special purpose manned and unmanned drones


- Gangwon-do was selected for the MOTIE competition project, and government funding was secured for 3 years - KRW 105 billion - Establishment of the test and evaluation basis for mid- to large-scale special-purpose manned and unmanned vehicles - A leading role in creating an industrial ecosystem for special purposes such as military, disaster, and medical care □ Gangwon-do, together with Wonju City , announced on the 24th that it was finally selected for the 'Special Purpose Unmanned Drone Industrial Ecosystem Creation Support Project' by Industry and Energy (the project name is 'Future Aviation Technology Center'). □ For this project, a total of 3 billion won (290 billion won from the government) was invested for 105 years, and the Wonju Buron General Industrial Complex [...]

Daejeon City promotes electric vehicle outlet-type charger support project


- Supply a total of 500 units to apartment houses... Support up to 50 won per device - □ Daejeon City supports the installation of 'electric vehicle outlet-type chargers for apartment houses to build a base for charging facilities in residential areas where there is a lot of charging demand' It was announced on the 24th that it would promote a pilot project. ㅇ An outlet-type charger is a charging facility that can charge a person who charges an electric vehicle using an electric outlet as it has built-in communication equipment and a meter.

MOLIT, 1st Vice Minister Wonjae Lee, “Make Smart City a Contest of Innovative Technologies”


- Visit The Smartium on the 24th to check the status of the national pilot smart city promotion - At the 4th Concrete Day commemoration ceremony, emphasize “the priority value of improving structural safety” □ 1st Vice Minister Lee Won-jae announced on June 24 at 2 pm on a smart city near Suseo Station. He visited The Smartium, a public relations center, and checked the status of the National Pilot Smart City creation. ㅇ The Smartium (located in Jagok-dong, Seoul, operated by Korea Land and Housing Corporation) is a highly sensible [...]

Daejeon City strengthens education for public officials to implement data-based science administration


- Completion of '2022 Data Utilization Competency Reinforcement Training' in the first half of the year - - Big data analysis and utilization, and practical training 3 times in total... 709 people participated - □ In 2022, which Daejeon City is promoting with the goal of strengthening data capabilities of all employees Many employees participated in the 'Data Utilization Competency Reinforcement Training' and announced that the first half of the training was completed with the 22rd training on June 3. ㅇ This training was attended by 242 people including executives, real-time staff, and autonomous district data managers online, and the last [...]

Promotion of smart city cooperation projects with 9 countries including MOLIT, Kyrgyzstan, and Mongolia


- 2022 K-City network project, 9 countries and 10 cities selected - Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport is the 22 It announced that it has selected 9 projects from 10 countries including Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia and Malaysia as the annual project. ㅇ The K-City network project, which started in 20, has promoted 21 cooperative projects in 19 countries (21 cities) by 23. Including the projects selected this year, a total of 21 countries (31 cities) 33 cooperative projects will be promoted. [...]

Gyeongsangnam-do leads the digital transformation (DX) innovation of the automobile manufacturing industry!


- 'Virtual-based future car parts advancement project' corporate support briefings and seminars held - Virtual (virtual) environment development, promotion of introduction of vehicle (parts) performance test evaluation technology - Development of digital performance verification model for vehicle parts, leading innovative shortening of finished vehicle development period On the 21st, a company support briefing session and technology seminar were held for local auto parts companies to transform the future car parts industry and foster companies. Organized by Gyeongsangnam-do and Gimhae-si [...]