Korea-style smart digital intellectual expansion


- Held a cadastral resurvey survey contest using drones… Convergence with cutting-edge technology - connection with regional traditional culture... □Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Won Hee-ryong) held a 'drone-based cadastral resurvey survey competition' for public officials and surveyors (Korea Land Information Corporation, private cadastral survey) in charge of the cadastral resurvey project '23.5.22.~5.23.) was successfully held. ㅇ Civil servants and surveyors (Korea Land and Geospatial Information Corporation, private cadastral surveying business) selected through preliminaries by city and province participated in direct control of drones and obtained high scores in the technical evaluation of spatial information [...]

Global carbon neutral city experts in one place


- International Conference on Carbon Neutral Cities held at BEXCO, Busan on May 26 - A place to share policies and cases of carbon neutral leading cities such as the Netherlands and Denmark In the era of climate crisis, it was revealed that it plans to hold an international conference on carbon-neutral cities (hereinafter referred to as the International Conference) under the theme of 'City Challenge for Sustainable Prosperity'. ㅇ This international conference, which will be promoted for the first time this year as part of the 26 Climate Industry International Expo (May 2023-5.24), is [...]

Establish city planning with big data and artificial intelligence


- Busan, Cheonan, and Damyang selected 3 cities and counties as R&D demonstration local governments - Seeking ways to utilize the private sector, such as research and proptech industry announced that it was finally selected* as a target local government for a demonstration project for the pilot application of "Big Data-based AI Urban Planning R&D" (hereinafter referred to as 'AI Urban Planning R&D') technology. * (Outline of competition) Substantial announcement (`22.12.28.~`23.1.26.) → Review (March) → Negotiation (April) → Selection (May) ㅇ AI city planning [...]

6 cities, making a leap forward as an innovation base for smart services such as autonomous driving and renewable energy.


- As a result of the smart city creation project contest, 2 base types and 4 strong and small local governments were selected - Establishment of comprehensive smart services to solve existing urban problems - Creation of strong and small cities that respond to environmental changes and bases that lead the spread of smart cities □ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Won Hee-ryong), as a result of the '23 base and small strong smart city creation project, the base type is a total of two local governments, including Ulsan Metropolitan City and Goyang City, and the strong and small type is Pyeongtaek City, Mokpo City, Taean County, and Asan City. A total of four municipalities including [...]

At the Asian Development Bank (ADB) general meeting, 'Project Plaza' supports domestic companies in winning overseas orders


- Held for two days from the 3rd as a business event in the host country of the '56th ADB Annual Meeting' - Invited about 40 promising clients to visit Korea “Preparing opportunities for domestic companies to win overseas projects” .~56. Incheon Songdo Convensia), 'Project Plaza' will be held for two days from May 5.2rd with the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, KOTRA, and the Export-Import Bank of Korea. As this is the first general meeting to be held face-to-face since the corona, not only ADB officials but also infrastructure (roads, airports, ports, etc.), [...]

Green light to the destination of emergency vehicles such as 119… Incheon City protects the golden hour


-Providing a green signal by controlling signals during fire dispatch and transportation of severely injured patients Incheon City will provide priority signal service so that emergency vehicles can quickly arrive at their destination without waiting for a signal, and go out to shoot the golden time. Incheon Metropolitan City (Mayor Yoo Jeong-bok) and Incheon National Police Agency (Director Lee Young-sang) announced that they would provide the 'Incheon Type Emergency Vehicle Priority Signal' service, which is the first in Korea and applied with innovative technology, throughout the city from April 25. This service allows emergency vehicles to continuously receive a green light from the point of departure to the destination [...]

Protect citizens' safety with drone patrols in dangerous areas of Hangang Park!


- Use drones to identify the overall situation and dangerous areas when large crowds gather, such as large events. - Monitor illegal activities in ecological parks and prevent fires with high-performance drones. - Prevent safety accidents in dangerous areas along the shore by introducing an automatic warning system. It announced that it would prevent various accidents in advance and protect the safety of citizens using high-performance drones using flight and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. □ This year, after Corona [...]

Why the 'Gyeongnam-type urban policy master plan'?


- Necessity of changing urban planning required by times such as low birth rate - Comprehensive plan tailored to each region at the provincial level… Strategic Plan with Spatial Alternatives - Establishment of 'Gyeongnam-type Spatial Policy' plan centered on the lives of provincial residents Establishment' service is in progress. In this service, Gyeongsangnam-do ▲ Comprehensive [...]

Gyeonggi-do, starting on the 26th, Ttock Bus runs throughout Godeok New Town in Pyeongtaek


○ A new concept of transportation, 'Knock Bus'... Started operation throughout Godeok New Town in Pyeongtaek on the 26th - Customized public transportation for residents in transportation-vulnerable areas such as new towns and rural areas at the beginning of move-in 5 cities and counties, plans to expand the introduction of 9 units A new concept transportation method 'Dokbus' that allows you to board at the desired time and place and move to the desired destination is the Pyeongtaek Godeok New Town [...]

Finding new industries with national land and transportation data


- Land and transportation data utilization contest from April 21st… Total prize money of KRW 2,800 million - The grand prize winner advances to the finals of the Ministry of the Interior and Safety Startup Contest - Systematic follow-up measures for start-up support, such as start-up mentoring and preferential interest rates (transportation sector) Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Won Hee-ryong) will hold the 21 Land and Transportation Data Utilization Contest* (hereinafter referred to as the Contest) from April 2023st to discover new industries in the land and transportation sector and contribute to the vitalization of data use. * Land, Infrastructure and Transport Big Data Hackathon ('17-'21) and Korea Expressway Corporation [...]

Minister Won Hee-ryong, “Strengthening Korea-Lithuania Transportation Infrastructure Cooperation”


On the 18th, a meeting with the Minister of Transport and Communications of Lithuania... Discussion on transportation mobility cooperation □ Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Won Hee-ryong met with Marius Skuodis, Minister of Transport and Communications of Lithuania, who is visiting Korea on April 18 to discuss transportation policy and vision for mobility innovation. They agreed to strengthen cooperation in the field of infrastructure. * Participants from Lithuania: Minister of Transport and Communications (Marius Skuodis), Ambassador of Lithuania to Korea (Ričardas Šlepavičius), Vice Minister of Transport and Communications (Julius Skačkauskas), etc. □ [...]

Local governments are also working together to ease regulations on sprout companies


- Competition for support project for the regulatory grace period (regulation sandbox) in which local governments and innovative companies participate for one month from April 18 - 3 finalists selected for support during September… Up to KRW 5 million per project, total support of KRW 15 billion - Expected to spread innovative technologies and services nationwide and solve local urban problems Promote a regionally-led smart city regulatory sandbox that can introduce and demonstrate innovative technologies and services together. for teeth [...]

Local traffic safety and crime prevention will also become smarter


- As a result of the smart city solution expansion project contest, 8 local governments were selected… Support of 20 billion won from the government - Expansion of services with high sensibility to residents, such as smart crosswalks and smart poles - MOLIT, “We will supply smart city solutions to all small cities” The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Won Hee-ryong) As a result of the '23 smart city solution expansion project contest to expand smart city services in the region and mitigate the digital divide, it was announced that a total of eight local governments, including Uiwang-si and Sokcho-si, were selected. [...]

Busan City promotes the nation's first "Integrated Urban Flood Management System" service!


- 4.13.(Thu) 09:00, Busan City Hall 15th floor Disaster Safety Countermeasures Headquarters held the 8th Busan Future Innovation Conference presided over by Mayor Hyung-jun Park… Disasters such as flood risk information, optimal evacuation routes and road control conditions, past flood history, etc. based on urban flood forecasting Real-time provision of all information related to urban flooding, including maps, on-site CCTVs, and measurement data - Hyungjun Park [...]

Hongcheon-gun, smart city planning establishment service (draft) public hearing held


On April 12th, a forum for public discussion on the smart city planning service (draft) was held, and after collecting public opinions at a public hearing, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport requested approval, and Hongcheon-gun (Governor Shin Young-jae) held a public hearing on April 12th at the Hongcheon Culture and Arts Center in Hongcheon-gun. A public hearing was held for residents of the smart city planning establishment service (draft). Daeyoung Ubitec Co., Ltd. (CEO Geun-hwan Cho) was in charge of the service, and in order to solve various local problems in Hongcheon, ICT technology in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution was used to improve the quality of life of the county and to improve the economic, social, and environmental impacts of Hongcheon-gun. Hongcheon-gun, which promotes sustainability [...]

The world's largest accelerator plug-and-play delegation visits Daegu


Plug and Play delegation, including General Chairman Saeed Amidi, visited Daegu City 'Plug and Play' (PNP), the world's largest accelerator*, established a Daegu branch and jointly operated a venture start-up program with Daegu Metropolitan City. * Accelerator: A person whose main job is to select and invest in early-stage start-up companies, and is also called a start-up planner. Representative (Japan representative), Cho Yong-joon, Korea representative [...]

Korean-style smart city exports abroad


- K-Smart City Network Business Contest from April 10th… KRW 40 billion support - Intergovernmental cooperation projects (planning type) Support for overseas expansion of Korean companies (overseas demonstration type) A total of 2 or more selected in 8 fields Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Won Hee-ryong) The public offering for this year's "K-City Network" project to discover city cooperation projects and support Korean companies' overseas expansion will begin on April 10th. 「K-City Network」, which started in 2020, is a smart city and [...]

Discuss future innovation strategies in the field of spatial information


 23 1st Geospatial Information Future Innovation Forum (3.31) Discussion on indoor positioning technology, delivery robot business, spatial information mid- to long-term strategy, etc. Will be held quarterly to continuously discover future innovation policies Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (Minister Won Hee-ryong) held a meeting with about 31 industry, academia, research, and government officials to discuss innovation strategies in the spatial information field, which is the foundation of future industries such as autonomous vehicles and UAM, at the Seoul Regional Headquarters of Korea Land and Geospatial Information Corporation at 2:20 pm on March XNUMXst. It was announced that the [Spatial Information Future Innovation Forum] will be held, in which experts will participate. ㅇ This forum was held last November to transform the spatial information industry into an innovative industry leading the future [...]

A New National Basic Road Closer to 'Digital Korea'


On the 29th, the promotion strategy was announced at the vision proclamation ceremony for the national base map. A business agreement was signed with local governments for the production of 23/1 digital topographic maps in 1,000. In order to share the new goals of the national base map so that it can contribute to * (Time/所) '29 (Wed) 23.3.29:15-17:XNUMX / K-Biz Hall, Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul ㅇ This proclamation ceremony is [...]

Minister Won Hee-ryong, “Seeking ways to cooperate in urban development between Korea and Oman”


On the 28th, the Oman Housing and Urban Planning Minister met to discuss urban development and smart city cooperation □ Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Won Hee-ryong visited Korea on the 28th (Tuesday) at 5:30 pm at the Land Development Exhibition Hall, Kalpan Al-Shu They met with Khalfan Al-Sueili, Minister of Housing and Urban Planning of Oman, and discussed ways to cooperate in the field of urban policy between the two countries. □ At this meeting, Minister Won said, “We welcome Minister Kalpan Al-Shuaili's first visit to Korea, and the bilateral [...]