Announced the Vision and Strategy of 'AI Central City Gwangju' at Kimdaejung Convention Center

Launched the Artificial Intelligence Industrial Convergence Project with the Ministry of Science and ICT

Gwangju Metropolitan City announced on the 29th that it will hold the Gwangju Vision Proclamation Ceremony and the Artificial Intelligence Industrial Convergence Project Group at the Kimdaejung Convention Center.

Gwangju City decided to apply for an artificial intelligence (AI) industrial convergence complex construction project in January last year as a preliminary feasibility study exemption project and confirmed it as a national project, and secured KRW 426 billion, a 200 billion won increase from the government's budget of KRW 626 billion, this year. did.

The artificial intelligence (AI) industrial complex development project will invest about 5 billion won over the next five years to build artificial intelligence-based core infrastructure, including artificial intelligence (AI) data centers, on an area of ​​4000㎡ in the high-tech district 3 It is a business that innovates the industrial ecosystem through artificial intelligence (AI) start-up support and industrial convergence technology development.

In this regard, we announce 'Gwangju Vision and Promotion Strategy for Artificial Intelligence Centered City', which opens the Gwangju era of artificial intelligence (AI), and together with the Ministry of Science and ICT, we will play the role of a control tower for the AI ​​integrated complex development project. Launched the Convergence Project.

Since last year, Gwangju has been preparing for the Gwangju Creation Project, an AI-centered city, to create an innovative ecosystem centered on AI.

The contents of the project were commissioned by 20 artificial intelligence experts, both domestic and foreign, to launch the Gwangju Making Promotion Committee for AI-centered cities, and to select the Graduate School of Artificial Intelligence (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology) to nurture artificial intelligence (AI) talents. It will promote the establishment of AI academy, establish a professional network for technical cooperation with Silicon Valley excellent research institutes and corporations, hold Korea's first AI cluster forum, and release green belt (GB) to secure high-tech district 3 business site.

In order to prepare for the era of autonomous vehicles, 7 16.79 in seven districts including Jingok Industrial Complex and High-tech Industrial Complex were designated as 'Regular Free Zone for Demonstrating Unmanned Low Speed ​​Special Vehicles'. Four districts (3) were designated as free economic zones by the government.

Gwangju-si's vision and strategy of opening a new Gwangju era centered on artificial intelligence by adding policy efforts to foster the AI ​​industry as well as creating an AI-oriented industrial convergence complex included in the AI ​​national strategy I have prepared.

Mayor Lee Yong-seop “has been solidly laying the foundation for talent, budget, and accumulated complexes over the past year,” and announced the “Initiation of Artificial Intelligence Industrial Convergence Project” and “Vision and Strategy to Open the Gwangju Era”. We will become Gwangju, an AI-oriented city that supports Korea, the nation's four greatest powers. ”

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