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Is there anyone who wants to ride the autonomous cooperative driving bus? The CAPTAIN Research Center of the Korea Transportation Research Institute is conducting an empirical study of the operation of an autonomous cooperative driving bus on an actual road for the first time in Korea.

How does the autonomous cooperative driving bus operate? If you are curious, you can try it yourself through the video 😆😆

The self-driving-based public transportation system demonstration research project (CAPTAIN project) is the first R&D project in Korea to convert the existing public transportation system into an autonomous cooperative driving-based bus operation system!

At the research center
🔹Development of large and small-sized autonomous cooperative driving buses that can automatically operate the BRT and branch shuttle bus systems
🔹 We are working hard to develop and build a C-ITS-based digital road infrastructure and a traffic control center that can take charge of network-level operation and control so that autonomous cooperative driving buses can operate safely and stably.

In addition, we are implementing and demonstrating various autonomous cooperative driving and mobility services in a mixed situation with BRT and general vehicles on branch lines in Sejong City🚗🚙🚕🚌


☞ Source: Korea Transportation Research Institute (2021.09.27.)