– Delivered AI companion robot (Hyodol) to households living alone in Jangam-dong, Uijeongbu-si

Since November, the Jangam-dong Community Service Center (Director Park Jae-beom) in Uijeongbu City has been providing non-face-to-face care services through an AI companion robot (Hyodol) to elderly people who need emotional support among households living alone in the district.

The AI ​​companion robot is an artificial intelligence robot that can manage the life, emotions, and safety of the elderly living alone. It can manage daily life such as eating and taking medication through touch recognition and personalized notifications. In case of an emergency, hold the doll's hand for more than 3 seconds If there is an emergency message sent to the mobile phone of the guardian or official in charge, it is possible to respond quickly to a crisis situation.

In addition, the companion robot attempts emotional communication by talking to the subjects and requesting simple movements. It is easy to use, so it is easy to access for the elderly living alone, and it is expected that the guardian (or person in charge) can monitor it through the system, which will be of great help in managing the life of the elderly living alone and preventing the death of loneliness.

Kim ○○ (80 years old), who received the AI ​​companion robot, said, “I am very old, so it is difficult to go out and no one comes to visit, but thank you for visiting. The doll sings and talks is cute, and when you hold it, it feels like you are holding a baby and it feels like you have a grandchild.”

Park Jae-beom, Mayor of Jangam-dong, said, “We will do our best to reduce feelings of loneliness through emotional sympathy and minimize the care gap by providing non-face-to-face care services as companion robots to senior citizens who are feeling lonely due to the old age and disease while the Corona 19 continues. .” he said.

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