The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport utilizes innovative technologies in the era of the 4th industrial revolution.
A smart city was planned to improve the quality of life of the people.

Smart city that is being promoted as a key government project as a national pilot smart city
The selected Busan Eco Delta City is more than four times the size of Yeouido, with an area of ​​about 4 million pyeong.
As a large-scale urban development project, Myeongji-dong, Gangdong-dong,
The infrastructure is being strengthened by dividing it into three areas including Daejeo-dong.

In addition to reducing energy consumption,
Various robots bring convenience to daily life.

Busan Eco Delta City is a block-type detached house complex with a total of 56 households.
We started moving in for the first time on December 16 of this year.
When the move-in is completed on January 15 of next year, the residents
Experience and experience innovative technology applied in the complex by paying only the management fee for 5 years
You will participate in the Living Lab program for improvement.

Healthcare, Robot, Smart Farm, Water Environment, Life Safety, etc.
Based on the experience of using innovative technologies in 5 fields and opinions on improvement
We are planning to provide a more user-friendly service.

About 40 services applied to Busan Smart Village are
As a major technology that will be expanded and applied to smart cities in the future
These include smart water purification plants, smart energy, and city management platforms.

Meanwhile, 19 sprout companies and industry-university research institutes are located near the Smart Village.
The 'Urban Tech House' in which they move in will also be operated.
Through this, Smart Village's Living Lab program
Urban Tech House resident companies participate to demonstrate and improve innovative technologies,
We plan to link it so that it can be used to discover business models.

Of course, housing vulnerable groups such as young newlyweds, the elderly, and the disabled
Busan Eco-Delta Smart Village, constructed in consideration of various generations and ages!
Together with many people,
I want to be a representative model!

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※ Data screen source: Korea Water Resources Corporation


☞ Data source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (2021.12.21.)