In recent years, as the trend of non-face-to-face online consumption has become active,
The work intensity and risk of courier workers also increased,
To improve this, all over the world
Interlocking with the 4th industry, robots and artificial intelligence
Advanced technology has been introduced!

Now let me tell you what kinds of them are!

[ Amazon's logistics innovation 'Kiva' ]
Carrying a load of up to 400 kg and driving at a speed of 4.8 km/h
Delivery of shelves loaded with products to workers according to the order

[Alibaba's self-driving unmanned delivery robot 'Xiao Manlu' ]
Runs up to 100 km on a single charge, digesting up to 500 orders per day

[ International express logistics company DHL unmanned transport robot 'Locusbot / 'Epibot' ]
Locusbot - Helps to find and collect objects with a movement of up to 78 kg and 2 meters per second
Epibot- The role of following the worker and carrying the load,
Up to 300 kg, travel at 7 km/h

Then, in line with this trend of the world
From 2020, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport and the Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (KAIA)
We will also introduce what the 'Excellent Logistics New Technology Designation System' is!

[ No. 1 hybrid conversion technology of diesel delivery truck ]
By inserting an electric motor into the old statistic of a diesel small cargo truck,
Hybrid modification technology that combines an engine and an electric motor
In the case of a 1 ton truck, the fuel efficiency is improved by about 45%,
Reduction of 5,2 tons of fine dust, ultra-fine dust and 2 tons of carbon dioxide per year

[ No. 2 Real-time Logistics Information Monitoring System ]
Smart weight sensor and camera installed in freight vehicle,
Through GPS, unmanned non-stop accumulators on the entrance and exit of the warehouse
Real-time monitoring of vehicle weight and location image information.
Prevent overloading and unauthorized dumping of waste, and automatically manage all incoming and outgoing vehicles

[ No. 3 Lego type shuttle system ]
Storing, moving, picking and
It is possible to adjust the forking width to fit various cargo sizes.
Move freely using aerial rails and lifts installed in the distribution center

[ No. 4 Smart Logistics Center System ]
By applying digital drawing technology to the distribution center and managing all digital information,
It is possible to accurately grasp the status of facility management down to the detailed unit at a glance,
Prevention of fire and safety accidents in advance

[ No. 5 Unloading Robot ]
Through machine learning-based artificial intelligence image recognition algorithm,
By recognizing the loading status of cargo, not only box-shaped standardized delivery cargo, but also
Automatic unloading of cargo with irregular shapes

By moving away from simple tasks and focusing on more productive and high value-added tasks,
We are looking forward to the Robot Era of the logistics system to be opened in the future!

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☞ Data source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (2022.01.07.)