1. Project Overview
ㅇ Project name: 2022 smart city innovation technology discovery project
ㅇ Purpose of the project: ①Corporate-led type for companies/universities with innovative technology and ②Citizen-led living lab type project to solve local urban problems through citizen-led initiative

2. Target
① (Enterprise-led) Companies or universities with innovative technologies, local governments of the test site*
* Local governments are limited to cases where a consortium is formed by clarifying cooperation with companies and universities with innovative technologies
② (Citizen-led living lab type) Companies/universities with innovative technologies that require demonstration using citizen-led living labs, or local governments that want to demonstrate innovative technologies by building and operating smart city living labs

3. Scale of support
① (Corporate-led type) 10 cases selected, up to KRW 15 billion in government funding/case
② (Citizen-led living lab type) 5 cases selected, up to KRW 10 billion in government funding/case
* Depending on the evaluation result, the number of final selections and the scale of support may change.

4. How to apply
ㅇSubmission date: March 2022 (Thu), 3 〜 March 2022 (Tue), 8 at 18:00
ㅇ Submission place: Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (KAIA) Smart City Performance Propagation Office
ㅇSubmission method: Submit the official document electronically, and submit the following documents (original, etc.) separately by personal or postal mail* within the submission deadline
* In the case of submission by mail, the post office postmark is accepted by March 2022, 8.
(Responsible) Researcher Lee Song-i (031-389-6426 or 6519, smartcity@kaia.re.kr)

5. Detailed procedures and standards : Refer to the competition guidelines (attached)


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※ In relation to this project, between companies and universities with innovative technologies (technology supply) and local governments (technology demand) Technology and information exchangeto facilitate Bulletin boardis operating. We ask for your interest and participation so that the innovative technology (solution) possessed by companies and universities can be promoted through the bulletin board, and local problems and technology demands of local governments can be presented.

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