– 10 selected in the field of corporate-led (5) and citizen-led living lab (15) –


□ As part of the Smart Challenge project*, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport promotes innovative technology discovery projects to discover creative solutions to solve local urban problems and provide demonstration opportunities.
* This is a project that has been promoted since '18 to solve urban problems through the introduction of smart solutions, and is currently demonstrating 64 smart city services in 240 cities across the country.
ㅇ For the stable introduction of smart city services, the innovative technology discovery project newly promoted this year aims to encourage the participation of citizens who are consumers of smart solutions and companies and universities as suppliers from the business planning stage, and to discover innovative solutions for solving local problems in a variety of ways. aim
ㅇ The existing smart challenge project was promoted based on a plan tailored to the needs of local governments, so it was somewhat insufficient to freely discover innovative and creative services and technologies of companies and universities. It is expected that there will be

□ The innovative technology discovery project is carried out in two forms: ① a company-led type, which targets companies, universities, and support groups possessing innovative technologies, and ② a citizen-led living lab type, where citizens lead and solve local urban problems.
ㅇ The company-led type selects 10 projects and supports up to 15 billion won per project, and the citizen-led living lab type selects 5 projects and supports up to 10 billion won per project.
ㅇ According to the public offering plan unveiled on January 17, business plans will be submitted from March 3 to March 8, and the final selection is planned at the end of March of '22.
ㅇ Excellent technologies discovered through the project are supported so that they can receive benefits such as designation of innovative products, and appropriate consulting from specialized organizations is also supported in the process of implementation. appears to be possible.

□ After the technology is selected, an agreement between MOLIT, business operator, and local government is signed, and the project begins immediately, and solution demonstration is promoted for one year.

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ㅇ The public offering plan can be checked on the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport website (www.molit.go.kr) or the smart city comprehensive portal website (www.smartcity.go.kr).


☞ Source: Korea Policy Briefing

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